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What is a niche perfumery?
To understand what these perfumeries are, it is necessary to take a step back. Initially, the niche perfume mainly described young perfume houses who were trying their hand at adventure and which, by definition, were of modest size. To stand out from the traditional Houses, they had to offer signed, distinctive fragrances with scents very inspired by raw materials , which gave them a very positive image of expertise. The niches have gradually called into question the legitimacy of the classic Houses, which, in return, have also decided to offer niche fragrances: a multitude of private, exclusive and other special series collections.have therefore flourished in response to this formidable competition. A new generation of niche perfumeries then emerged at the end of the 90s with, among others, the Artisan Parfumeur, Jo Malone, Annick Goutal, Serge Lutens and Nicolai.


Niche Fragrances
Nowadays, niche fragrances have multiplied and still have a positive image with original fragrances, creative olfactory notes and rare and unexpected alliances . They delight perfume lovers in search of originality . And it is true that we find less and less originality in the side of the perfumes of traditional Houses. Indeed, it is now no longer rare to smell her adored perfume worn by no less than four people in a single day… Which can be quite frustrating. The answer to this phenomenon is that these perfumes, most often from major brands, are made with the aim of pleasing as many people as possible , the risk taking being greatly minimized with great reinforcements of breathtaking advertising spots and muses / actors / models known by the whole planet. Although this traditional market has no shortage of pearls, it is true that we come to wonder if we are not going to all end up feeling the same ...


Note: niche perfumeries are characterized by more daring juices and associations than traditional Houses, at the risk of not appealing to everyone.


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