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Cocoa in perfumery

Cocoa, a delicious gourmet note

Cocoa made its appearance in perfumery in the 90s, with the development of gourmet fragrances. The first gourmet fragrance, to see integrated chocolate, is that of Thierry Mugler Angel. The creator wanted, by innovating, in the raw materials, to create an olfactory shock… It is perfectly successful, because Angel is still selling as much. Here, the chocolate is positioned as a base note alongside caramel, vanilla and patchouli. The heart is as fruity as possible thanks to peach, pineapple and passion fruit Launched in 1992, Angel has revolutionized the world of perfumery. Thanks to perfumery, you can now consume chocolate without moderation, but above all without feeling guilty! Acting as an olfactory comforter, chocolate is reassuring. The cocoa gives off aromas, powerful, spicy,that never leave anyone indifferent. The cocoa absolute also offers bitter and balsamic fragrances.

Cocoa and its association with other olfactory fragrances

Thanks to its many facets, chocolate goes well with a large number of fragrances. The flowers, in particular the rose, the iris, the jasmine, accentuate the feminine side of the chocolate. This is the case for the legendary perfume Pure Poison Élixir by Christian Dior. Here, the absolute cocoa is associated, in base note, with vanilla, almond, amber. The heart is a blend of orange blossom and jasmine. After a citrus start, Pure Poison oscillates between soft, rich, sweet and amber notes Christian Dior has succeeded in creating a true elixir of ecstasy. You might think chocolate is only used in feminine fragrances, but that's not the case. A magnificent perfume for men CKIN2U HIM by Calvin Klein. An aromatic fern, one could not be more surprising, where cocoa is in the middle note alongside chilli and shiso.With the presence of vetiver, musk and lemon, CK is a shock, trendy fragrance to stay connected

Cocoa is an ingredient enjoyed by many of us, some even addicted to it. If the cultivation of the cocoa bean goes back a very long time, the integration of chocolate in perfumery dates from the beginning of the 90s. Thanks to its suave, sweet fragrances, brown gold is integrated into gourmet perfumes. A surprising raw material, chocolate succeeds in interfering in floral, fruity, citrus, but also woody or aromatic compositions.

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