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Lime in perfumery

Characteristics of lime essential oil

There are two kinds of sweet lime: the citrus limettioides or the sweet lime of Palestine, the citrus limetta also called the sweet lime of Tunisia or the limonette. The main lime producing countries are Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. Lime essential oil is obtained by distilling the fruits. Lime is the only citrus fruit whose essence is obtained by distillation. In general, citrus essences are obtained by cold expression of the zest. Perfumeries use the essence of lime to modify the citrus notes. The use of lime essence is common in the diet. By adding lime with mint, you can perfectly season the rice and raw vegetables, it's original and fresh. In India, lime is called mosambi and we drink its juice. The essence of lime has many virtues, the most common is the purification of the skin. Lime is used a lot in saunas by combining it with eucalyptus.

Fragrances based on lime essence

It is the feminine scent Cinéma Scénario d'été by Yves Saint Laurent which is most representative of the lime note. This fragrance from the floral olfactory family was created in 2008. We recognize both a tangy and fruity scent. We find lime with two other citrus fruits (sweet orange, clementine) in its top notes. Its heart notes are composed of ylang-ylang, jasmine and amaryllis. In base note, we have white peach, white musks and amber. The intensity of Mexican lime, softened by ylang-ylang is felt alongside solar and fresh notes. This lime fragrance is refined, timeless, for a seductive and discreet woman. The perfume for men Antaeusby Chanel is another association of lime with citrus notes. Indonesian lime and patchouli enrich sage and cistus labdanum. It is a rare blend of lavender purity and convoluted leather accord, enhanced by spicy and woody notes. This chypre scent with a lime note is suitable for elegant and virile men. Created in 1995, Pleasures by Estée Lauder is one of the fresh floral fragrances. With a lime note, it is inspired by the cocooning trends of the 90s. It is a claim of the modern femininity of those years. The lime is presented as a top note with grapefruit. Its heart notes are made of spices consisting of pepper and pink berry which result from the sweetness. The whole is enveloped by fruity and green jasmine,lily of the valley and rose. The base notes are woody, dry and stubborn with sandalwood and cedar. This lime essence fragrance remains fresh and wise.


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