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Mugwort in perfumery

Mugwort, a scent of the aromatic family

Olfactory, we describe mugwort as camphoric, fresh, herbaceous and bitter. Mugwort is part of the aromatic olfactory family, just like thyme, lavender or rosemary. Mugwort is mainly used in men's perfumery. The virile character of mugwort makes the fragrances that compose it a major asset for designers. Many perfumers have already created exceptional perfumes that place mugwort as a top note, as in Declaration by Cartier, 1998. Here, mugwort is one of the top notes associated with tangerine, cilantro and neroli. The heart notes are softer with jasmine, iris and cardamom. In base notes, vetiver, cedar wood, amber and leather accentuate the masculine side.The assertive character of this fragrance is reflected in the mugwort and coriander. Declaration is a masculine, joyful, enthusiastic and generous fragrance. It is a great success for Cartier, which also arouses a lot of interest among women.

What other fragrances can mugwort combine with?

Like all aromatics, mugwort goes particularly well with fragrances from the chypre, fern and woody families. A very beautiful and famous perfume, having successfully combined the aromatic and fern family, it is Kouros by Yves Saint-Laurent. Here, we find mugwort in the top note, with coriander, bergamot and bay leaf. In the heart note, Yves Saint-Laurent has associated geranium, jasmine, carnation and cinnamon. In the background, we discover patchouli, vetiver, amber and white musk… An ingenious association which brings to Kouros an aromatically chypre harmony! Conquering fragrances for a powerful and intense trail. Even the bottle, aesthetic and athletic, has been designed to give the image of a God… A story of a perfect man. We sometimes find mugwort in the middle note,which gives it a deeper intensity, as in the perfume Eau de Rochas… An elegant citrus.

Mugwort is an atypical plant, which, thanks to its reference to the goddess Artemia, gives perfumes a strong and powerful symbol. Belonging to the aromatic family, the mugwort facet is mainly associated with masculine scents, in the top note. It is there that it finds its place and that it brings its camphor side. It is however found in very beautiful associations with the fern, chypre or woody families. Mugwort gave birth to very famous and very masculine fragrances.

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