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Osmanthus in perfumery

Osmanthus, hints of the rising sun

Osmanthus is really very rich in fragrances. Its notes are smooth, velvety, dense, and give a texture similar to a peach skin. The creators of perfumes have an inexhaustible olfactory palette. Osmanthus presents sweet, honeyed, sweet, tangy, juicy fragrances, but also floral, animal with leathery facets… An incredible personality! Osmanthus has won its letters of nobility thanks to the perfume 1000 by Jean Patou, renowned for being a daring perfumer. In this floral chypre, osmanthus is positioned as a heart note where it is judiciously associated with violet, rose and jasmine. With the chypre and woody notes that Jean Patou associated with, 1000 is an exuberant, unreasonable fragrance. Since then, osmanthus has attracted other noses,and many perfumers have created soliflores or solinotes, highlighting osmanthus.

The association of osmanthus with the different olfactory families

Thanks to its multiple and different facets, osmanthus can marry many olfactory families. It is often found in floral perfumes where it can bring all its personal notes, already floral and luminous, as in Eau de Dolce Vita, by Christian Dior. Here, we discover osmanthus as a base note, accompanied by vanilla, which accentuates its sweetness. At the top, the scent of pear tree delicately enters on citrus notes. The heart remains voluptuous and floral thanks to jasmine and peony. The result is a scent that couldn't be more sparkling and just irresistible. Carelessness and lightness have earned Eau de Dolce Vita its name anti-depressant perfume. Another sparkling fragrance, or, this time, osmanthus is associated with spicy notes, is Kenzo Jungle le Tigre by Kenzo.A wild accord, but with notes of sweetness, Kenzo Jungle le Tigre is intended for women who love their freedom. It is a modern and sensual fragrance.

An iconic Chinese shrub, osmanthus offers lovely fragrant flowers. A real treasure for perfumers, osmanthus illuminates with its fragrances as beautiful as they are different. Very trendy today, osmanthus goes perfectly with floral, fruity, but also spicy and woody notes… A sweet source of inspiration.


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