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Redcurrant in perfumery

The history and peculiarities of the gooseberry

The currant is a fruit of the currant, a shrub of about 1.50 m. It has naturally arched branches and green leaves with three lobes and cut edges. This produces small fruits of about 8 to 10 mm, slightly translucent and initially evolving from a green tint to an autumnal red color. This is how we recognize the currant when ripe. Likewise, when the fruit is ripe, the leaves of the currant will turn yellow. In addition, it is a plant native to Asia and North America that appeared in French gardens from the 12th century. The currant was mainly introduced in Lorraine before spreading to all our territory. Its culture isdisplayed in France since the Middle Ages and used to make all kinds of dessert as well as jellies or jams. Moreover, since that time, the Lorraine town of Bar-le-Duc has been the capital of production and is renowned worldwide for its seedless gooseberry jam. To achieve such a perfect result, the berries are delicately seeded with a quill pen, the tip of which is finely bevelled. What is more, this process allows this fragile fruit to keep its consistency before cooking. Likewise, the currant has many health benefits. It is an excellent vector for skin renewal and is also one of the lowest calorie fruits. Likewise, gooseberries have an incredible vitamin C content bordering on that of certain citrus fruits. At last,As it is a very fibrous fruit, it also promotes lazy transits while protecting the sensitive intestines.

Redcurrant in perfumery

A cousin of blackcurrant, redcurrant is widely used by perfumers. Moreover, in Brittany, it is called red blackcurrant in opposition to real blackcurrant which is, in turn, called blackcurrant. On the other hand, the scent of the currant cannot be extracted and, as with many fruits, perfumers must resort to its production in a synthetic way. If the currant is so appreciated, it is quite simply because it brings a very fruity, tangy and invigorating touch to the perfumes which contain it. In this case, it is very often associated with floral tones and is therefore mainly found in feminine creations.

Many perfumes today contain redcurrant in their composition. Nevertheless, a Guerlain perfume named Grosellina pays more particular tribute to this one.


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