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Rose oxide in perfumery

From perfume to chemistry, there is only one step ...

It is not uncommon for current perfumes to mix natural ingredients and synthetic molecules. Indeed, the profession of perfumer requires many qualities and not only an unparalleled sense of creativity. It is now essential that perfumers have a perfect mastery of chemistry. Indeed, many molecules cannot be extracted in nature or others turn out to be less expensive when they are reproduced in the laboratory. As such, many perfumes today contain rose oxide, sometimes associated with other synthetic products or natural essences. Rose oxide is a chemical that helps give feminine scents more character while retaining their sublime rose scent. Thus, their elegance and their romanticismsee them considerably accentuated. It's a bit as if the rose bud suddenly opened before our eyes, or rather under our nostrils! Most often, rose oxide is presented in a liquid and clear form. However, make no mistake, in this limpid and almost banal aspect is a juice of an exceptional olfactory flavor. In addition, Rose oxide contains particularly vibrant rose notes.Rose oxide contains particularly vibrant rose notes.Rose oxide contains particularly vibrant rose notes.

Rose oxide in perfumes

In this case, rose oxide is an ingredient in La Nuit Trésor by Lancôme. It appears in the top notes of the latter, electrifying the Damask rose. Likewise, rose oxide also appears in male juices. Thus, it is present in Now Men of Azzaro, again in the top note, and gives it a powerful and almost futuristic flight. In general, rose oxide therefore supports another scented accord and gives it more body and power.


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