Fleur Musc For Her, a multi-faceted game



Fleur Musc For Her, a multi-faceted game
Fleur Musc For Her, a multi-faceted game

When Narciso Rodriguez developed his first perfume, he said: “This portrait expresses all that a woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth”. This is how he gave life to a feminine fragrance called For Her. A sort of personal interpretation of an imaginary muse, this juice was immediately popular with women. So, as if to accentuate the seductive character of musk and add a more powerful dose of femininity, the creator decided to reinvent it in the form of Fleur Musc For Her. So, does this juice live up to its predecessor?

Fleur Musc For Her, a fragrance full of poetry

To better understand the personality of Fleur Musc For Her , we need to look back on its history. Indeed, it follows the very first For Her perfume created in 2003. However, this fragrance was a tribute to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, tender friend of Narciso Rodriguez, who lost her life in a maritime accident. Thus, even if Fleur Musc For Her is a more determined and daring composition than its predecessors, this juice does retain all the tenderness of its elders. Moreover, it shows through its advertising. This ends with a sublime portrait of Carmen Kass in black and white. Stripped and very graceful, it appears there like an angel. This is the vision of the woman adored by Narciso Rodriguez that we find in Fleur Musc For Her.

The very nuanced recipe of Fleur Musc For Her

With Fleur Musc For Her, Narciso Rodriguez has chosen to highlight a certain duality in the character of women. Thus, the latter are very feminine and poetic. This results in the presence of peony and rose. In this sense, Fleur Musc For Her is a fairly classic feminine scent and stitched with romance. However, this juice does not lack temperament. The impertinence of women is reflected in an incisive start based on pink pepper. Its seductive aspect is revealed in a breath of musk. Finally, as if the woman were synonymous with comfort, Fleur Musc For Her ends with a warmer base. This emanates in particular from patchouli and amber. Everything is signed by two renowned perfumers, namely Calice Becker and Sonia Constant.

The very elaborate bottle of Narciso Rodriguez

Finally, note that the silhouette of the Fleur Musc For Her bottle is similar to that of its predecessors. It must be said that this is the fruit of colossal work. Having required several years of research, this bottle even earned Narciso Rodriguez the filing of a patent. However, a detail that is important, the designer has swapped his usually sober colors for a more explosive fuchsia pink. This choice gives more cheerfulness to this perfume and we must recognize that it suits him like a glove!