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    Hérôme Exfoliating gel for cuticles, for the beauty of your nails



    Hérôme Exfoliating Gel For Cuticles
    Hérôme Exfoliating Gel For Cuticles

    Hérôme is a Dutch brand specializing in nail and hand care. Its founder, Margareth van Roemburg discovered a miracle product, nail hardener, during a trip to England in 1980. After numerous tests, Margareth launched the Hérôme brand which will become the essential reference for nail treatments . Hérôme presents a wide range of products and treatments adapted to each nail problem. The Hérôme brand is also used by fashion professionals. Here, Hérôme presents its Exfoliating Gel for cuticles.

    Hérôme Cuticle Exfoliating Gel, a real treatment

    Hérôme’s cuticle exfoliating gel is above all a gentle scrub for the nails. Its special formula gently loosens the cuticles and thus removes dead skin. In fact, the Hérôme cuticle exfoliating gel contains almond oil and allantois, which are moisturizing and nourishing agents. By exfoliating the cuticles, the nails will be more beautiful, sharper and stronger, ready to welcome your favorite polish! Apply the exfoliating gel around your cuticles. Massage lightly and leave on for 5 minutes. Then erase, insisting on the cuticles so that they come off. Simply rinse with clean water. You can then apply either your base, a hardener, or a varnish.

    True cuticle care, the Hérôme exfoliating gel gently loosens your cuticles and helps get rid of your dead skin. Enriched with almond oil and allantoic, your nails are now nourished, hydrated and more beautiful day after day.