Herôme Repairing Damaged Nails



Herôme Repairing Damaged Nails
Herôme Repairing Damaged Nails

Herôme and his treatment that repairs your damaged nails

The history of the Hérôme brand is above all the history of Margreet van Roemburg. While traveling to England, Margreet discovered a miracle product that strengthens the nail. Back in the Netherlands, Margreet founded the Hérôme brand , a true nail and hand specialist. Little by little, the brand exported its products abroad with real success. Hérôme offers a whole range of treatments and treatments. Every nail problem finds its solution here. Here, Hérôme presents its repairing treatment for damaged nails.

Hérôme Repairing Damaged Nails, a real treatment

Hérôme’s damaged nails repairer is a natural serum that treats very damaged nails . It is also very effective and recommended after the break of false nails which greatly weaken your nails. Its unique formula is enriched with ACEF complexes, panthenol and silicon. The use of the Hérôme damaged nail repairer is a real beauty treatment for your nails. Little by little, it regains their strength and shine. For an optimal result, it is recommended to carry out a treatment cure for 15 days. Place a drop on each nail, every day for 2 weeks. Massage the nail by making the product penetrate.

Why do the nails get damaged?

Nails are made of a protein called keratin. The white part, called “the lunula” is very often covered by cuticles. Keratin is produced naturally and your nails grow a little bigger every day, because keratin is endlessly renewed. The fingernails grow an average of 3 mm per month. Unfortunately, nails get damaged for a number of reasons. Among the most classic, we note those which bite the nails, repeated contact with water, aging as well as nutritional deficiencies. All these factors will contribute to damaging the hydrolipidic film located on the surface. Without protection, the nails become dry, brittle, soft and can even split. Protect your nails with the Hérôme range will allow you to have beautiful nails (and beautiful hands),

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