Idylle de Guerlain, more than a perfume, a love story



Idylle de Guerlain, more than a perfume, a love story
Idylle de Guerlain, more than a perfume, a love story

All Guerlain perfumes are filters of love, like Shalimar , which is why they are scents with a trail that allow women to follow. So Idylle is no exception to the rule either. Its fragrance is light and airy. It is like a crush, as intense as it is fleeting but terribly tender. Its essence is as delicate as a shower of flowers and petals could be. Its freshness is subtle and penetrating. Her sensuality is heightened. Everything is contained in a box with an original and contemporary form to say the least. Idylle is aptly named: it perfectly embodies the symbol of bucolic love.

Idylle’s setting: a tear of joy

Guerlain has always attached great importance to its bottles. For him, they are like jewelry or works of art. They must be able to be contemplated like sculptures and their colors are often as prestigious as gold. Also, the latest addition to the house was designed by Ora ïto. With Idylle, it is all this know-how that explodes in our face. However, its form is simple but so original. All round, its shapes are reminiscent of a woman’s hips, which gives it a very sensual side. Moreover, it rises like a tower with grace and voluptuousness. Idylle is halfway between the drop of gold and the tear of joy. His perspectives amaze and he mixes modernity with minimalism. Idylle has created a new curve of dazzling simplicity and elegance. It is futuristic and shines like a tear of gold. He is the quintessential woman. Also, with so much luxury, refinement and femininity, it is impossible not to succumb to its captivating sensuality.

Guerlain and its floral love potion

Idylle is signed by perfumer Thierry Wasser. This then offers us a sweet chypre floral composition dominated by a pink frame and a musky base. We have in our hands a modern and seductive potion. It all starts with the Bulgarian rose, mixed with aromas of raspberries and lychee. Then, the rose of Plessis Robinson makes its appearance as if to better captivate us with its carnal scents. Indeed, made to awaken buried memories, this rose created by Jean-Paul Guerlain out of love for the past, is an ancient flower with fruity accents and a powerful aroma. This rose was associated with chypre, Guerlain’s favorite scent, made up of patchouli and white musk, chosen for its warmth. However, everything remains very light and airy and we take pleasure in letting ourselves be captivated by its overflowing sensuality.

The advertisement brings together Thomas Dutronc and Nora Arnezeder. The two lovers then meet in the heart of a station, to the music of Pierre Van Dormael and Hervé Samb “Undercover”. Does this music mean anything to you? Well it’s probably because you must have seen the movie Mr Nobody from which it is taken. The spirit could not be more romantic. The world no longer exists and they are then as alone in the world. We are transported to this world of poetry and love. It is a real pleasure to get caught up in this romantic game. So everything is pure happiness; whether it’s the bottle, the advertisement or the fragrance. With Idylle, we feel our wings grow and our only hope is never to come back down to earth.