Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré: new piece from Berdoues’ 1902 collection



Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré: new piece from Berdoues' 1902 collection
Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré: new piece from Berdoues’ 1902 collection

Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré: Berdoues takes us on a journey and enriches its 1902 collection

The history of the Berdoues brand
began in 1902, thanks to Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues. From a simple hairdresser-barber, they gave birth to one of the most beautiful French perfume companies. To pay tribute to this date of creation, Berdoues decided to make an olfactory collection called 1902. Already possessing many references to its catalog, the latter is still enriched by a newcomer. The latest juice in the range is called Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré and promises you an incredible trip to a paradise and enchanting island. So, how about getting drunk on its comforting scent?

Let’s start by presenting the 1902 collection to you. Created thanks to Sophie Berdoues, current director of the brand, the 1902 Collection pays tribute to the prestigious past of the house, and more particularly to its founding date. Indeed, it all began in 1902, when Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues created their first amber Eau de Cologne. “Always rocked by raw materials, I grew up surrounded by the creations developed by my grandfather and my father and all the emotions they provide. Today, I am committed to cultivating our know-how and revealing the raw materials, to offer the most beautiful creations ”. It is therefore with love and passion that each of the juices in the 1902 collection are designed. Inspired by the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, these are transparent and refreshing fragrances, developed around one or two main ingredients. Here, in Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré, exoticism dominates.

Lagoon & Tiare Flower, a solar and enveloping essence

Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré de Berdoues is a luminous and aquatic essence, which seems to have its source in an exotic lagoon, not far from a paradise island. From its top notes, it takes us into “a solar and captivating wave”. To do this, he mixes luminous orange blossom with a suave and heady tiare flower. For more indulgence, coconut leaves here its milky smell. This exotic fruit is also sublimated with a suave accord of vanilla, while sandalwood envelops the whole in a soft milky tranquility.

The Berdoues bottle is tinted with a new turquoise color

Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré
is presented in a bottle common to all the perfumes of the 1902 collection. Cylindrical in shape, and made of a thick glass, this fairly sober and authentic container is topped with a chrome cap, more contemporary. A white label inscribes its name on its front face, while each perfume has its own color. Here, to evoke all its exoticism, Lagon & Fleur de Tiaré is tinted with turquoise blue. Its colorful packaging is decorated with flowers and lush leaves.