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    Lalique – L’Insoumis perfume



    Lalique - L'Insoumis
    Lalique – L’Insoumis

    L’Insoumis, a poignant tribute to René Lalique

    The Lalique house is one of the oldest French brands . The latter started out as a glassmaker and jeweler. However, it was not long in expanding its activity to other sectors such as perfumery. Today, Lalique is synonymous with prestige, quality and refinement. This large house shines the image of Paris throughout the entire planet. Also, she presents us this year a brand new perfume called L’Insoumis. This is none other than a tribute to René Lalique, founder of this family brand which has now become a legend.

    The image of a rebellious man

    Lalique presents its niche fragrance as a fragrance designed in the image of a charismatic, refined and naturally elegant man. Like the brand’s creator, L’Insoumis is a fragrance that does not follow trends but writes them itself. Also, it was the talented perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin that Lalique called on to develop this essence. It is full of rich and carefully selected ingredients. Its scent is both authentic while being complex. L’Insoumis opens with a bitter freshness emanating from bergamot. This citrus fruit is here associated with rum and basil. This ingredient only opens the way to the heart of L’Insoumis. Indeed, it is loaded with lavender. This Mediterranean plant is a symbol in its own right of men’s perfumery, used in men’s perfumes for a long time. It is here associated with scarlet sage. Nevertheless, the black pepper comes to tickle the whole with its almost insolent temperament. Finally, L’Insoumis ends with a deeper, woody base. This contains in particular blond wood, patchouli, Haitian vetiver and oak moss. Undoubtedly, L’Insoumis is a man who is not afraid to show off his virility and assert his personality.

    The perfect embodiment of Lalique’s style

    Also, it is exactly the personality of René Lalique himself that is portrayed to us through this perfume. This talented designer is one of the most recognized artists of his time, whether as a jeweler or master glassmaker. He particularly marked the period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. This one has always displayed a unique and recognizable style among all. He literally created the fashions. Moreover, his motto has always been: “Better to seek beauty than to display luxury.” In other words, René Lalique has always made fun of what will be said as long as his creations come as close as possible to perfection. In addition, on the bottle side, L’Insoumis is also inspired by the world of Lalique. This one displays a contemporary design combined with an Art Deco style. Its bottle is decorated in relief with a fern, a typical motif of the Lalique house used for the first time on a vase in 1926. Much more than a simple perfume, L’Insoumis is a tribute and above all a concentrate of history.