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    Lalique – Sillage Crystal Bottle 2012



    Lalique - Sillage Crystal Bottle 2012
    Lalique – Sillage Crystal Bottle 2012

    Twenty years already that Lalique has been a perfume. Twenty years that Lalique pays homage, each year, to its first perfume by dedicating a new crystal collection bottle in Limited Edition to it.

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    Cristal Lalique bottle 2012 Sillage

    To celebrate this anniversary, the crystal factory has magnified the olfactory pyramid of Lalique de Lalique in an exceptional work.

    For this new 2012 edition, Sillage, the spirit of a tiara stopper is revisited thanks to the know-how of master glassmakers. The flowers that make up the heart of the fragrance are meticulously sculpted in this magnificent three-branched cap. Polished-frosted effects multiply the play of light that makes the crystal vibrate.

    Sober, refined, the bottle soars, vertical. It comes alive with sensual curves highlighting the sumptuous tiara that covers it.
    To achieve it, four craftsmen carry out the blowing after having picked the molten crystal. The particularly complex stopper is made using the traditional “pressed” technique.
    Demoulding is particularly delicate. Then come the cold finishing operations of size, polishing and satin finishing. Finally, the bottle is emery, adorned with a delicate baudruchage and sealed with a precious gold thread. A luxurious box stamped with three motifs: rose, jasmine and honeysuckle serves as the backdrop for this bottle.

    Lalique Flacon Collection 2012 Sillage - Box and Flask
    Lalique Flacon Collection 2012 Sillage – Box and Flask

    In twenty years, Lalique de Lalique perfume has become a classic, a timeless and institutional myth.
    Floral, the head opens with a graceful bouquet magnifying around an exquisite Bulgarian rose, delicate jasmine, spicy wallflower and powdery iris. This flight of flowers arises on a fruity heart of blackcurrant leaves, wild blackberries and pears which punctuates the florality.
    Woody and sweet, the base mixes the milky scents of Mysore sandalwood while the sweetness is created on flavors of bourbon vanilla, sweet white musks and amber notes. A Sillage, an unforgettable, radiant, sensual fragrance which in twenty years has acquired its letters of nobility.

    Lalique Crystal Perfume Bottle:

    Launched by Marie-Claude Lalique to celebrate the release of her first perfume, since 1994, the creation of a limited edition, numbered and signed Collection Millésimé Crystal Bottle has become an annual event. Originally imagined for feminine perfumes (Muses was the first opus), these prestigious editions then sublimated masculine notes from 1997. Their creations revive a facet of René Lalique’s artistic genius: Vintage car mascots or ornaments of radiator caps, created during the “Roaring Twenties”.

    Often figurative, the bottles allow the Master Glassmakers of Cristallerie Lalique to perform and finish using curves and sculpted details. These exceptional bottles are made in the workshops of the Lalique crystal, in Wingen-sur-Moder, by our Master Glassmakers, who are among the Best Craftsmen in France.

    Woman Perfume

    Olfactory Family: Floral – Musky

    Top Notes: Essence of Rose, Jasmine, Wallflower, Iris.

    Heart Notes: Blackcurrant Leaf, Blackberry, Pear.

    Base Notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musks.

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