Lanvin – Lanvin Me L’Eau




Lanvin - Lanvin Me L'Eau
Lanvin – Lanvin Me L’Eau

Scenting, this vision of femininity translates into a musky citrus floral. A sparkling and tangy fragrance, with subtle but captivating sensuality. To wear for yourself above all, as an authentic extract of Lanvin fashion. In the hollow of the neck and wrists. Like a jewel …

Lanvin Me Water

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One year after the launch of ME, Lanvin unveils ME Water, a new aerial and delicate opus, heralding happiness, a light sensuality and the first lights of spring. ME Water is a fresh, gushing and joyful eau, a fresh floral breath, inspired by the creations of Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Maison Lanvin.

Shades of soft colors, play of transparencies, lightness of materials, ME L’eau is a springtime jewel dress, with a clean cut, perfect drape, which gives the wearer a radiance and an irresistible aura.

Lanvin - Lanvin Me L'Eau Pub
Lanvin – Lanvin Me L’Eau Pub

Lanvin Me Eau de Lanvin Perfume

An elegant score, imagined by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu, which embodies the very essence of the Parisienne according to Lanvin. A woman of chic recognizable among all, with a signature allure, who walks under a tender sun in a flower garden with crackling fountains. “I imagined a fragrance that exudes the joy of living, conveys optimism and gives a smile while respecting the Lanvin allure: delicate, natural, poetic and Parisian”, underlines Shyamala Maisondieu.

Lanvin Me L’Eau – More than a perfume, a gift

For spring, the ME Water case is adorned with a soft icy pink. Its chain is illuminated with white gold and forms a knot, the eternal signature of Lanvin. Affixed to the front of the case, the ME Water signature resonates like a promise of freshness and carefree …

A springtime jewel dress, with pure lines, with an ideal structure… The bottle of ME L’eau reinvents itself in a lacquered, white and vaporous dress, in perfect harmony with its tender pink juice. Heavy in the hand, the fingers on the smooth glass play with the pendant stone, emblematic of ME history. Sensory and precious, delicately silvery, its finery lightly distils its Couture message.

Lanvin - Lanvin Me L'Eau Etui
Lanvin – Lanvin Me L’Eau Etui

Lanvin Me L’Eau Perfume – The Smell of Happiness

Sparkling and sensual, ME Water is an ode to the joy of living. An exaltation of optimism, a fresh and delicate floral breath. First, a whirlwind of freshness, mingling juicy Italian mandarin and the vegetal crunch of violet leaf, spiced up by the liveliness of Pink Berry. “All these harmonized raw materials provide natural, radiant freshness for immediate pleasure,” recalls Shyamala Maisondieu. Then, as a matter of course, a heart of flowers.

A bouquet created like a Lanvin dress, full of volume and generosity with the airy luminosity of magnolia and peony, enhanced by the floral facets of a rose accord. A tribute to the Lanvin woman, the embodiment of this sensuality full of finesse, the velvety base on the skin with the fruity sweetness of vine peach. Silky and refined musks dress it like the finest of silks, while the vibrant intensity of cedar wood gives it character, like a jewel signs an allure.

Lanvin Me L’Eau – A Moment for Yourself

ME Water is a luxury that we offer ourselves, a moment that we allow ourselves. That of looking at the Paris sky, illuminated by a sun long gone. To walk in a garden with a thousand fragrant flowers. To close your eyes and imagine yourself lying in a bed of roses. The visual of ME Water embodies this very special, fragile and beautiful moment, where the light is unique, where the sun is reborn and everything becomes possible.

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Olfactory family: Floral – Fresh

Top note: Mandarin, Violet Leaf, Pink Berry.

Heart note: Magnolia, Peony, Rose Accord.

Base note: Vine peach, Musks, Cedarwood.

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