Legend, all the class and soul of the Montblanc brand



Legend, all the class and soul of the Montblanc brand
Legend, all the class and soul of the Montblanc brand

Montblanc Legend is a perfume that is dedicated to passionate and authentic men. It is in the image of the brand and reflects its modern and timeless state of mind. Its design echoes their famous fountain pens. Its fragrance is subtle but masculine. His style is discreet and above all very elegant. Also, chic men will appreciate its precisely dosed refinement which never does too much. By the way, they will also like its price. Indeed, Montblanc Legend is cheaper with us so it would be a shame to do without.

The soul of the Maison Montblanc

The Montblanc brand is a house that settled in Hamburg in 1906 and quickly became one of the most prestigious brands there is. This house dedicated to luxury and refinement was not primarily intended to offer perfumes. His core business turned more to the creation of pens, and more particularly fountain pens. The latter, dressed in black and white and surmounted by the famous star which represents the summit of Montblanc, have become a true symbol of elegance. In this case, the brand’s most legendary writing instrument bears the name of Meisterstück. Also, the House has evolved by building itself in renewal. It first diversified its craft activities with watchmaking, jewelry and leather. Then,fragrance: Montblanc Legend . Indeed, if writing is a way of expressing oneself, using perfume is surely another way of the language that Montblanc has recently chosen to adopt. This perfume is then perfectly inked in the history and culture of the house.

Montblanc Legend, the birth of a new myth

This perfume was imagined by Olivier Pescheux. It starts with a light and aromatic note: that of lavender. This takes off in contact with bergamot and Litsea cubeba, an exotic variety of verbena. In addition, evernyl, a synthetic molecule that reproduces the smell of oak moss, gives it greater liveliness. Its sensuality is omnipresent and Montblanc Legend is a fragrance that draws its strength from the depths. Geranium, meanwhile, is enhanced by pomarose, another molecule between apple and rose which brings great modernity to the whole. Finally, its wake is smoother and smoother. It finds its source in tonka bean as well as in sandalwood. Montblanc Legend has a rather classic masculine background. It is made of contrasts and perfectly combines tradition and modernity. It is a unique perfume whose signature is unforgettable.

Its bottle is, in turn, very inspired by the style of the house. All the codes are there. Indeed, the lines are round and heavy but very soft, reminiscent of the touch of the famous pen. In addition, the deep black of the glass contrasts with the metal hoop, as usual. Finally, the silver cap displays the iconic six-pointed star and leaves no doubt about its trademark.

A brand niche fragrance will be released this year in the Legend range: Legend Spirit .