Lingerie de Peau, the peach-skin effect foundation



Lingerie de Peau, the peach-skin effect foundation
Lingerie de Peau, the peach-skin effect foundation

Make-up is a daily ritual and many women find the art of putting on make-up to be a moment of pleasure. Also, one of the essential gestures to obtain a satisfactory result consists in correctly applying a pretty foundation. This product makes it possible to unify the skin, without shine, and to attenuate the imperfections until obtaining a true peach skin. Also, among one of the most effective products on the market, we suggest you dwell here on the Lingerie de Peau foundation from Guerlain.

Guerlain’s second skin

In order to magnify your face, the Guerlain houseinvented a foundation designed like a real second skin. Lingerie de Peau manages to magnify your skin while maintaining a very natural look. This one is as soft as a caress and is worn like a second carnal envelope. This result is the work of extraordinary technicality. Guerlain has used its Bio Fusion micro-mesh technique to obtain particularly convincing results. In other words, Guerlain has combined smoothing stretch fibers in its product with natural self and flax fibers. Thus, Lingerie de Peau is similar to a silk stocking and perfectly matches the contour of the face and the texture of the skin. It can be worn like fine lingerie, on bare skin for a particularly seductive look. It plays with transparency and is both soft and radiant. The imperfections of the face are however masked and the curves of the latter are completely redrawn. What’s more, this product is available in shades allowing you to opt for a color very close to your skin tone. Thus, no visible trace denotes on your skin and the result remains absolutely natural.

The perfumed foundation of Lingerie de Peau

If this 30 milliliter pump-shaped bottle is classed today as a must-have for the Guerlain house, you should know that it is also inseparable from the brand‘s perfume universe. Indeed, Guerlain would be nothing without its incredible line of perfumes. Logically, the Lingerie de Peau foundation is therefore also a scented product. It then leaves a delicate floral scent on the skin. Its fragrance begins with a velvety note of peach associated with a more vegetal, fresh and invigorating aspect. Then, it is a very feminine heart based on rose and jasmine that takes place in this composition. The raspberry, for its part, gives more fruity and tangy accents to this set. Finally, Lingerie de Peau is enriched with a deeper background. This contains in particular balsamic notes of benzoin associated with a feeling of cleanliness delivered by white musk. Finally, know that everything is also equipped with moisturizing active ingredients for lasting beauty over time and captivating day after day.