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    Louis Vuitton Apogée perfume



    Louis Vuitton Apogée perfume
    Louis Vuitton Apogée perfume

    Apogée, the latest highly luxurious creation from Louis-Vuitton

    In this year 2016, Léa Seydoux appears as the new face of the luxury brand Louis-Vuitton. Indeed, it has already posed in front of the lens of photographer Patrick Demarchelier, in the heart of a ranch in Mexico. So, even if the latter is very taken by the upcoming release of Xavier Dolan’s film, in which she will play alongside actress Marion Cotillard, she has nevertheless found time to devote herself to advertising for the new essence of Louis. -Vuitton . This is a compendium of femininity and highlights a noble flower par excellence: jasmine from Grasse. Apogée will make its appearance in September 2016.

    Louis-Vuitton gives thanks to jasmine

    Among the noblest flowers in the entire perfume industry, there is undoubtedly jasmine. This white flower from the gardens of Grasse has been worked here by perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, official nose of the Louis-Vuitton house since 2013. Jasmine from Grasse is a very noble flower resulting from a laborious harvest. Indeed, it does not take less than 350 kg of flowers to obtain 550 g of absolute. Yet a picker can only harvest 500g of jasmine per hour. No need to draw you a picture, you will easily understand why Grasse jasmine can reach the exorbitant price of 70,000 € per kilo! It reveals an incomparable scent, both subtle and never heady. Its beauty has been worked here by Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud in the heart of the Perfumed Fountains, a country house acquired in 2013 in the heart of Grasse by Louis-Vuitton to house the creation of its future fragrances. Here, with Apogée, it is about a real second skin intended to beautify women. It is a juice all in subtlety and delicacy, enough to magnify the natural beauty of the fairer sex with a simple breath.

    Le visuel du parfum Apogée

    To develop its bottle, Louis-Vuitton called on the Australian sculptor and designer Marc Newson. He can boast of having worked with the biggest brands in the world such as Ford, Airbus or Apple. His creative daring combined with his sobriety makes him one of the greatest designers of our time. Here, he created a cylindrical glass bottle giving us a glimpse of the golden beige color of the Apogée juice. The whole is nevertheless contrasted by an opaque black metallic stopper highlighting the initials of the Louis-Vuitton brand. However, note that this perfume comes from a collection. Indeed, by September 2016, it is not one but seven fragrances that will emerge within the Louis-Vuitton brand. The latter are called Compass Rose, Dark Matter, A Thousand Fires, Apogee,Turbulence , Dans la Peau and Contre Moi and are already described as emotional journeys in their own right, enough to make your senses travel and satisfy each of your desires.