Love You All the new Cologne Mugler



Love You All the new Cologne Mugler
Love You All the new Cologne Mugler

Mugler Cologne Love You All, the sensuality of a new Eau de Cologne signed Thierry Mugler

Obtained thanks to a subtle blend of bergamot, grapefruit and orange, Eau de Cologne was quickly considered a cult product. Designed in 1709 by a certain Giovanni Maria Farina, an Italian chemist, it ultimately became the source of inspiration for many perfumers across the planet. Even today, Eau de Cologne is reinventing itself under the expert hands of Thierry Mugler to become Mugler Cologne Love You All.

Eau de Cologne, a product that fascinates Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is a very contemporary designer at the forefront of trends. However, that did not prevent him from being fascinated by historical products, starting with Eaux de Cologne. He sees it as the source of creation of the perfumes that we have today. For him, Eau de Cologne is part of our olfactory heritage. He also associates with it the source of many virtues, both for the body and for the mind. For him, Eau de Cologne is not just a hygiene product. It is also a ritual of appeasement providing a certain serenity. What’s more, Eau de Cologne is a mixed and androgynous product. Thus, she rejects the gendered idea of ​​perfume and is aimed at both men and women. This is why Thierry Mugler had already decided to make it a personal perfume in 2001, namedMugler Cologne . Today, he pushes his expertise in the matter even further and invites us to discover five different but complementary Eaux de Cologne.

The Thierry Mugler Eau de Cologne collection

Mugler Cologne Love You All comes from an assortment of five Eaux de Cologne. Each of them has its own color. All these perfumes have a common bottle but their fragrance is different. Mugler Cologne Love You All is identified by its bluish color. Both clear and flashy, it instantly gives off a feeling of liveliness. All these juices have in common that they are electrifying and each convey a message of their own.

Mugler Cologne Love You All, an ode to love

Through Mugler Cologne Love You All, Thierry Mugler talks to us about love. This perfume is thought of as the “desire for unconditional love… For a soft sensation”. It transports us to a universe synonymous with abundance and exaltation. With him, sensuality is warm and mysterious. Mugler Cologne Love You All is an intense Eau de Cologne that combines unexpected ingredients. Thierry Mugler notably unveiled two major raw materials for his recipe. Mugler Cologne Love You All combines velvety blue liquorice with more voluptuous white amber. This unusual mixture invites people to come together. It is the source of all questions and lets itself be discovered little by little over the hours. So, what are you waiting for to try to unravel the mystery?