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    Mon Guerlain, a fragrance with solar and woody sensuality



    Mon Guerlain, a fragrance with solar and woody sensuality
    Mon Guerlain, a fragrance with solar and woody sensuality

    If you follow the news at all when you’re just on social media, you couldn’t escape the news: Angelina Jolie has become the face of a brand niche fragrance. The announcement is significant considering that the actress had never agreed to take on this role. This time, it was the Guerlain house that made him succumb to its charm. The brand has just presented us with a brand new perfume soberly named Mon Guerlain . But then, what can this little wonder feel?

    All the talent of Thierry Wasser at the service of Guerlain

    On the one hand, let’s start by noting that Mon Guerlain was developed by one of the greatest perfumers on the planet. It is the fruit of the work of the talented Thierry Wasser, exclusive nose of the Guerlain house since 2008. To give you an idea of ​​the extent of his talent, know that he is the only one to have had the prestige of occupying this position. without coming from the Guerlain family line. In other words, it owes its salvation only to its extraordinary know-how. Indeed, this talented character has always been driven by a passion for raw materials. This allowed him to acquire a colossal knowledge in terms of scent ingredients. What is more, he has in addition to that a little je ne sais quoi, an extra soul that we find in each of his creations. With an omnipresent attention to detail, he tries to bring his personal touch to Guerlain creations while remaining faithful to the house motto: “Never compromise on quality”. So, it’s a safe bet that Thierry Wasser has set the bar very high with this new juice. Mon Guerlain appears to be one of the most anticipated perfumes of 2017.

    The timeless scent of Mon Guerlain

    Even if Mon Guerlain is a modern creation, this one alone seems to possess all the authenticity of the Guerlain house. It is timeless and universal, giving birth to an exquisite harmony from its first breath. Mon Guerlain is described as a solar, full-bodied, woody and sensual fragrance. It is aimed more exactly at women of character. Moreover, it begins with an aromatic plant well known to men’s perfumes: lavender. This plunges us directly into the heart of Provence, a region dear to the Guerlain house. After all, what better inspiration than that of the region of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery? Then, this aromatic plant gives way to a more opulent heart. Mon Guerlain then lets in the scent of sambac jasmine. This rounded fragrance is enveloped in a more syrupy base. She does not shun her share of the exotic and proudly displays a Tahitian family. The softness of women, meanwhile, shines through Australian sandalwood. Mon Guerlain thus appears to be one of the most seductive fragrance.