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    Mont Blanc – Legend Spirit



    Mont Blanc - Legend Spirit
    Mont Blanc – Legend Spirit

    You can see your enigmatic gaze from here: This bottle tells you something and doesn’t seem unfamiliar to you at all. Rest assured, you are not losing your mind. Indeed, this one is reminiscent of that of Legend de Montblanc , and for good reason … The luxury house has just announced the news, an olfactory variation of this essence will be released in 2016 and will bear the name of Legend Siprit. His motto: Follow your instincts. Its smell: decidedly fresh, even cold. And above all, a line of conduct from which Montblanc does not derogate: elegance, class and above all timelessness.

    Legend Spirit blows an icy wind

    With this essence, the renowned perfumer seems to want to take us to the top of Mont-Blanc, known for its fresh breath that whips your face. Indeed, Legend Spiritis advertised as a particularly fresh fragrance. It opens with a surge of bergamot, an ingredient known for its marked freshness while remaining soft. In addition, it is known to add a specific sparkle to citrus notes and is embellished here with grapefruit. It is then magnified and releases all its energizing and captivating essence. What’s more, spicy notes of pink pepper further enhance and assert its character. Then, Legend Spirit offers itself all the elegance of lavender which manages to harmonize the whole. This explodes in its heart and mixes with more aquatic chords. In addition, cardamom makes its appearance as if to further enhance this fresh water with its touches of conifers. The trail of Legend Spirit is, for its part, more woody. It also consists of blond woods and oakmoss. These essences are softened however thanks to the presence of cashmere and via the white musks which ends up sublimating all the elegance of this very refined perfume.

    Montblanc signs an authentic showcase

    This prestigious essence, crafted with unparalleled know-how, is then nestled in the hollow of a case made in the purest Montblanc tradition. Indeed, this one is very classic and exudes a timelessness and a classic virility. It imposes itself because of its heaviness and then seems particularly well inked on its supports. It then gives off a real presence. However, its edges are rounded and soft. They evoke the aesthetics of the famous Montblanc pens. The house likes to play on contrasts and depicts a man who is both virile and delicate at the same time … In short, a vision of the ideal man is offered to us. The cork, meanwhile, is adorned with the emblematic signature of the house: a six-pointed star symbolizing the six glaciers surrounding Mont-Blanc. Besides, its white color is reminiscent of the snow perpetually covering the highest peak in Europe. What is more, this is gold and already heralding the icy freshness enclosed in this bottle. Moreover, this color is the main difference between the bottle of Legend Spirit and that ofits predecessor Legend . Indeed, the two cases are very similar, except that the first was black. Finally, the Legend Spirit bottle is adorned with a metal hoop. This material then finishes sublimating the whole and gives it a good dose of modernity as if to make it timeless.

    Men’s Perfume

    Olfactory family: Woody – Aromatic

    Head note: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Grapefruit.

    Heart note: Cardamom, Lavender,

    Base note: Oakmoss, White Musk, Cashmere Wood, White Wood.