Mugler Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette



Mugler Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette
Mugler Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette

Mugler Cologne Come Together, the new androgynous and timeless fragrance from Thierry Mugler

The perfume fascinates men and women for entire centuries. Indeed, the beginnings of this art date back to ancient times. Since that day, this field has greatly evolved, in particular thanks to scientific progress. However, some juices remain timeless. This is the case with Eaux de Cologne. Widely used at the beginning of the last century by men, they are still constantly talking about them and still have many followers around the world. Designer Thierry Mugler is one of them and has decided to dedicate his niche fragrance to them. This one is called Mugler Cologne Come Together and undoubtedly has a part of timelessness.

Thierry Mugler and Eaux de Cologne, a long history

Thierry Mugler has always been deeply fascinated by Eaux de Cologne. He sees a part of history and is easily seduced by their ancestral side. For him, Eaux de Cologne are full of multiple virtues and are products that are halfway between hygiene and pleasure. In 2001, he therefore decided to make a perfume of it and that is how he imagined the very first Mugler Cologne. Seductive, this essence immediately won the favor of the public, combining on its own the benefits of the past and the modernity of the present. Today, it is precisely all these elements that can be found in the new Mugler Cologne Come Together

Mugler Cologne Come Together, an androgynous fragrance

The Mugler Cologne Come Together perfume is aimed at both men and women. This mixed essence is therefore fully in tune with the times by focusing on androgyny. Immediately, it becomes synonymous with exchanges and encourages generosity. Mugler Cologne Come Together is a fiery juice that is only fully appreciated when shared.

The botanical scent of Mugler Cologne Come Together

For the moment, only few elements entering into the composition of Mugler Cologne Come Together have been revealed. Its green juice and its packaging in the same shade immediately reflect its very vegetal spirit. In reality, Mugler Cologne Come Together brings together two ingredients that are unusually used together: petitgrain and white musks. Petitgrain is the fruit of the distillation of the branches and leaves of the sour orange tree. It deploys here a sparkling, fresh, aromatic and slightly bitter flavor. At the same time tender like orange blossom, it does not lack temperament. It is paired with white musks, an ingredient known for its impressive tenacity and leaving a clean feeling behind. They are the ones who fully give Mugler Cologne Come Together its hygiene product connotation, as it used to be. The result is a carnal and sexy accord, endowed with a seductive and explosive sensuality. Mugler Cologne Come Together has “the scent of skin against the skin, for a feeling of conviviality”.