New Dior Prestige Complexion Nectar



New Dior Prestige Complexion Nectar
New Dior Prestige Complexion Nectar

Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige, the best of Granville rose at the service of your skin

Dior… This name alone is enough to make the imagination wander and to draw us into a world made of poetry, romanticism and femininity. Dior is an exceptional brand that is one of the greatest French success stories . This exceptional brand conveys our know-how around the world, and continues to perfect its formulas or create ever more innovative products. Inspired by the incredible vitality of the Granville rose, Dior gave birth to the Dior Prestige range. Today, the collection is enriched with a brand new product: Nectar de Teint.

The Granville rose from the Dior Prestige collection

The Dior brand is just as specialized in perfumery as in cosmetics or make-up. Thus, it is not uncommon to see these three worlds intertwine to give birth to exceptional products. The Dior Prestige range is one of the finest demonstrations. It brings together many make-up products containing multiple care active ingredients. In other words, Dior Prestige items do more than just make up the skin. They enhance it over time.

For that, they have in common to be inspired by the rose of Granville. This refined plant is a real gem that flourishes in the Loire Valley, in a territory specially selected for its extreme purity and mineral richness. Dior has set up his gardens there and cultivates this rare plant. The vitality of the Granville rose is twice that of a classic rose. In total, no less than 800 rose bushes are operated by Dior, and which are organically cultivated in order to obtain 100% natural rose extract that is beneficial for your skin. It is therefore precisely all of its benefits that we find in the Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige.

Le Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige, an exceptional foundation

The Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige is a product of extreme finesse. It is a liquid foundation that brings together all the knowledge of Dior makeup expertise and the revitalizing power of Granville rose. In other words, in a single pass, the Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige unifies your face while taking care of it throughout the day.

Thanks to it, your skin appears more uniform and more radiant. Day after day, your complexion is fresher, more supple and satiny. The Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige also comes with a supple and dense brush directly inspired by the techniques of professional makeup artists at Dior. To apply this product correctly, all you need to do is take a small amount of it and apply it to the back of your hand. Then take a small amount of Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige with the brush, and spread it on your face, starting from its center outwards. Blend everything until you get even coverage.

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