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    New Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel



    New Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel
    New Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel returns in a perfume version for 2018

    The Chanel house is one of the biggest brands in the luxury world. She is an absolute benchmark in terms of refinement and each of her creations, whether fashion or couture, combines strength and elegance. Among the brand’s most iconic items, Bleu de Chanel is a sure bet. Created in 2010 , this perfume is the delight of men all over the world. Already reinvented in 2014 in an Eau de Parfum concentration , it returns once again in a brand new edition. Its Perfume version was thus launched in 2018.

    Bleu de Chanel, an icon of masculine elegance

    Bleu de Chanel is a perfume with a captivating trail, presented in an enigmatic and powerful blue colored bottle. It must be said that this colorful shade was not chosen at random … Blue is the color par excellence of masculinity. This is a strong, outspoken shade of color that speaks to absolutely every man regardless of where they come from on Earth. Blue is reminiscent of the sky or the sea. It represents infinity, immensity and calm. However, it is precisely all this that can be found in the new Parfum Bleu de Chanel. This fragrance is infinitely refined. It is a real manifesto with a part of anti-conformism. Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel is for all those who feel free to create, surprise and think.

    Chanel’s new Blue Perfume

    Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel and its composition
    Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel and its composition

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    The Bleu de Chanel Perfume is immediately identifiable thanks to its bottle. Indeed, it preserves the silhouette of its predecessors and is displayed in a thick cube of dark blue glass. The set is available in two different capacities of 50 and 100 ml. Le Parfum Bleu de Chanel once again owes its existence to perfumer Olivier Polge, official nose of the house of Chanel. Here, he has chosen to reveal to us the very essence of determination. Bleu de Chanel first takes off on an intense freshness of lemon zest. Then, its aromatic breath is accentuated. He reveals his masculinity to us in a blend of Mediterranean lavender and peppery geranium. Finally, this floral and refined heart gives way to a more enveloping base of cedar and sandalwood from New Caledonia.

    The other Bleu de Chanel editions

    For the record, know that the Chanel Blue Perfume is the third edition of the Chanel collection. LBleu by Chanel is one of the best-selling men’s fragrances today . It all began in 2010 with the creation of an Eau de Toilette, very heavily dosed with citrus flavors but still preserving a certain masculinity in some more subtly woody scents. In 2014, this first edition was reinterpreted in the form of an Eau de Perfume, accentuating the original woody accord of the range and showing itself to be more enveloping. Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum thus played almost in the oriental register, softening with tonka bean, sandalwood and vanilla.