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    New Rouge Coco Gloss



    New Rouge Coco Gloss
    New Rouge Coco Gloss

    Shape your lips with Chanel’s new Rouge Coco Gloss

    The Chanel brand promotes the image of French luxury all over the planet. However, if its range is particularly wide, some of its products are considered to be real bestsellers in the make-up department. As such, Rouge Coco lipstick is one of the brand’s flagship products. However, in this year 2017, it reinvents itself and is revealed in the form of a Gloss. So, you too, dare to give more volume to your lips and opt for Chanel’s new shine look!

    The return of the Gloss

    The Gloss is one of the flagship products of the 90s. However, since this decade, it has literally deserted our shelves. Considered to be too clingy, too shiny and less glamorous, it has been overlooked by beautistas. However, the latter is now no longer reserved for women children and is once again gaining the pages of beauty magazines. Indeed, it has undergone some innovations and this has allowed it to return to the front of the stage, even recently appearing on the red carpets thanks to the biggest stars on the planet. It is therefore in this context that Chanel decided to develop its Rouge Coco Gloss. Forget the thick, overly girly texture of the lip glosses of yesteryear. Rouge Coco Gloss has been redesigned for all women. Its fine and light texture adapts to all types of faces, sculpting your mouth in the most flattering way possible. Rouge Coco Gloss is the ideal product to give your lips a plumping appearance. It is the beauty accessory of the moment that all beautistas must have in their bathroom!

    The many advantages of Rouge Coco Gloss

    Rouge Coco Gloss has many qualities. Its ultra light formula does not provide an unpleasant sensation on the lips. What is more, many active ingredients enrich this product as if to enhance your mouth day after day. Coconut oil, rich in fatty acids, deeply nourishes the skin. Likewise, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects the epidermis from external aggressions as if to make it lasting more beautiful. Finally, everything is completed by an exclusive Hydraboost complex. This one is the result of very elaborate research by Chanel and offers hours of comfort and moisture to your lips. In addition, the latter need to be constantly hydrated. This is one of the parts of the body where the skin is the most fragile and yet one of the most exposed to daily aggressions. So, continuously moisturizing your mouth results in visibly smoother and brighter lips. Therefore, the effect of Rouge Coco Gloss is all the more convincing! Note that this one comes in 24 more or less sustained shades, enough to satisfy all your desires!