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    New Scandal fragrance ad from Jean Paul Gaultier



    New Scandal ad by Jean Paul Gaultier
    New Scandal ad by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Jean-Paul Gaultier scandal and its advertising which rhymes decadence with humor

    Jean-Paul Gaultier is a gourmet and epicurean character. Moreover, he confides himself that he talks about food all the time! Thus, it is precisely this love for gluttony that he wished to integrate into his new perfume.

    At first, he thought more of caramel or vanilla. Nevertheless, Daphné Bugey, perfumer in charge of her new creation, directed her towards honey. Both sweet and animal, this intimate and ambiguous ingredient did not fail to seduce Jean-Paul Gaultier. Honey is therefore placed at the center of the composition of the new Scandal. From then on, all that was missing was an advertisement to accompany the arrival of this niche fragrance. It is now done! The rendering is faithful to the great Jean-Paul Gaultier: eroticism, humor and derision guaranteed!

    Vanessa Axente, muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier

    For his new advertisement for the Scandal perfume, Jean-Paul Gaultier offered himself the charms of one of the most famous models of the moment: the seductive Vanessa Axente. Originally from Hungary, it is one of the most famous models on the planet. All the biggest brands are snapping up! Vanessa Axente has notably paraded in recent years for the famous houses Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada, Dior…

    The whole fashion world only seems to talk about her angelic beauty and sexy at the same time. Vogue has also decorated several of its covers with its pretty face. This time, Jean-Paul Gaultier has decided to place it in a much more sulphurous universe. The least we can say is that the charms of the young model are, with him, clearly put forward!

    Scandal, a new politically incorrect perfume

    As always, Jean-Paul Gaultier does not aim to leave you indifferent here! In his new advertisement for the Scandal perfume, he mixes eroticism, sex and politics; a confusing mix to say the least. After all, as he explains it so well: “The scandal, today’s girl fell into it very small”. The advertisement for Scandal begins with the vision of two swinging doors decorated with the name of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

    Ces dernières sont celles d’un club parisien. Sortant de cette boîte de nuit, Vanessa Axente s’affiche comme étant une créature séductrice et ensorcelante. Elle monte alors dans une berline qui se dirige dans l’enceinte de l’Élysée. Sur la route, la jolie blonde a habilement pris le temps de se changer. Vanessa Axente revêt ainsi un tailleur en satin fendu, nous dévoilant de jolis bas couture. Celle-ci sort alors de la voiture tandis que les journalistes l’alpaguent : « Mme la ministre ! ».

    L’idée de Jean-Paul Gaultier est pour le moins audacieuse, d’autant plus au lendemain d’une élection présidentielle ! « À travers cette campagne, j’ai voulu montrer que la femme était définitivement devenue légale du mâle, affirme Jean-Paul Gaultier. J’en suis convaincu, elle est l’éminence grise des hommes de pouvoir. Regardez Brigitte Macron, qui assume tout : son âge, le fait qu’elle ait été le professeur de son mari, quel symbole ! »