New: Shalimar Two-Color Eyelid Box



New: Shalimar Two-Color Eyelid Box
New: Shalimar Two-Color Eyelid Box

A gold and sapphire look thanks to the Ecrin Shalimar Precious Eyeshadow by Guerlain

Historically, smoky eyes were born in Hollywood in the 1920s. It was then a question of amplifying the eyes of movie stars with the help of a matte eyeshadow. The idea was to hide the small imperfections of their face while emphasizing their most beautiful asset: the eyes. Over the years, the smoky eyes have become a true timeless and it is now available in all sauces. As such, Guerlain has decided to reappropriate it in its new Make Up Holiday 2016 collection to be released for the Christmas holidays. Focus on this new jewel of cosmetics ideally designed to give you a magical look.

A collaboration between Guerlain and Natalia Vodianova

Guerlain’s new collection is signed by Olivier Echaudemaison, artistic director of Guerlain, in collaboration with Natalia Vodianova. The latter is one of the highest paid models in the world. Of Russian origin, nothing predestined her to such a glorious future.

She was the face of Guerlain for many years, also embodying the Shalimar perfume. So, by creating this new makeup collection, Natalia Vodianova wanted to pay tribute to this collaboration and to this product dear to her heart. In addition, she even explains that she “wanted to name [her] first collection Shalimar, in homage to the fragrance for which [she was] the muse for eight years.

As such, she has developed a case bringing together two eye powders directly inspired by the oriental universe and more particularly from India. This is how she decided to call this little make-up jewel Shalimar Precious Eyeshadow .

The duo of powders contained in the Shalimar Precious Eyeshadow box

At the heart of this new box are two powders. One takes on the color of gold while the other displays a sapphire color. These two powders form an original duo of glitter eyeshadows ideally designed to create an unforgettable look.

This allows to develop an unusual smoky eyes which already promises to make its effect on the occasion of the Christmas holidays. Your eyelids will then be a real spell, sublimated like a trip to the heart of the Orient. In addition, to develop these eyeshadows, Natalia Vodianova was directly inspired by an Indian jewel in gold and sapphire. The powders contained therein thus allow multiple metallic reflections to escape. These are two particularly pigmented colors that will make your eyes as bewitching as a real adornment.

However, if these two powders can be applied simultaneously, they can also be used separately. So, applying one of these two shades will give you a monochrome look, while layering the two will allow you to achieve a more intense and bewitching eye. Likewise, for even more intensity, Guerlain recommends using this make-up with the brush provided for this purpose, moistened beforehand. Undoubtedly, Guerlain intends to make you the queen of the Christmas evening and your gaze may well surprise more than one!