New Terracotta powder under Guerlain palm trees



New Terracotta powder under Guerlain palm trees
New Terracotta powder under Guerlain palm trees

Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers, an exotic wind blows on the Guerlain department

Guerlain has always known how to demonstrate profound daring and a spirit of innovation. When it presented its Terracotta, the brand literally revolutionized the world of make-up. Olivier Echaudemaison explains: “We were the first to offer a bronzer with a natural effect . It was revolutionary at a time when makeup was all artifice ”. Today, it is one of the brand’s bestsellers. As if to further satisfy Guerlain customers, the brand has also decided to release a new edition: La Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers.

Guerlain gives us a taste of the holidays

The very name of this new Terracotta is enough to transport us to a paradise island on the other side of the world. Guerlain’s ambition is simple: to give you a sunny break in the shade of a palm tree. To further accentuate the exoticism of this new product, notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom have been added to its composition, which in turn are enveloped in tonka bean and vanilla. The set is presented to us in a collector’s case adorned with precious palms and whose compacted powders draw elegant palm leaves.

The right way to apply Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers

The Terracotta Guerlain Sous Les Palmiers combines the hue Iridescent 03 bestsellers of Terracotta and a coral shade that instantly brightens the natural tan. To achieve your makeup, all you need to do is mix these two powders in a circular motion, before applying them all over your face. Note, however, that the two powders can also be used separately. In this case, start with the tan shade and add a touch of blush to your cheekbones.