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    Nina, all the romanticism of the Nina Ricci brand



    Nina, all the romanticism of the Nina Ricci brand
    Nina, all the romanticism of the Nina Ricci brand

    There are perfumes that are said to be particularly enchanting. Also, this is particularly the case for Nina. This juice seems directly from a fairy tale. It is irresistibly soft and crunchy and forms a love apple born to seduce and charm anyone who crosses its path.

    A delicacy signed by Nina Ricci

    Nina is a scent of gluttony. In this case, as the shape of its bottle suggests, it is an olfactory interpretation of the love apple. In that sense, it is both sweet and juicy. Its top notes fly to a caipirinha chord. This combines lime with Calabrian lemon and gives us a particularly sweet freshness. Then, it blossoms in its heart via peony and praline. Thus, gluttony is associated with an absolutely captivating touch of femininity. This sensation is then exacerbated by the presence of red apple. This fruit is here worked in association with vanilla for an absolutely delicious result. Finally, Nina ends with more depth by combining cedar wood and musk.

    Nina’s tempting bottle

    This voluptuous fragrance is then contained in a particularly symbolic bottle. Indeed, the apple is a universal image. In particular, it embodies the forbidden fruit and in this sense becomes synonymous with extreme temptation. What’s more, its raspberry color only increases its attraction. The fruit is worked in a particularly feminine and neat way. It is also surrounded by rods and leaves in silvery and shiny metal, the ultimate detail signing all the refinement of the Nina Ricci brand . It thus seems to emanate from a true fairy tale and suggests that it is almost as bewitching as a magic potion.