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    Nina Rose, the latest arrival from the Nina Ricci house



    Nina Rose, the latest arrival from the Nina Ricci house
    Nina Rose, the latest arrival from the Nina Ricci house

    Nina Rose, a new Belle de Nina comes to Nina Ricci’s place

    The Nina Ricci house took its first steps in the world of perfumery in the 1940s, with the release of Cœur Joie or l’Air du Temps perfumes. Since then, she has embodied the image of a sparkling and romantic femininity. However, one of its greatest modern symbols is none other than its heroine Nina. Since 2006, Nina has taken us with her to a poetic world, while now being accompanied by two other acolytes: Luna and Bella. However, in 2020, the three friends are preparing to welcome a new accomplice. Nina Ricci is currently presenting the new Nina Rose fragrance, an infinitely luminous and refreshing juice that completes the saga of Les Belles de Nina.

    Who are the Belles de Nina?

    It all started with Nina, in 2006, the perfect incarnation of a woman who looks straight out of a fairy tale. Then, it took a few years to see Luna appear, her more exuberant little sister, as well as Bella, arguably the most extravagant of the three women in the collection. On screen, Nina is played by Estella Boersma. She is also surrounded by Sonia Ben Ammar for Luna and Barbara Palvin for Bella.

    Nina Rose, the scent of a cheerful and sparkling woman

    On screen, Nina Rose is represented by Estella Boersma, emblematic Nina since 2018. Here, she reveals herself in different portraits, constantly wearing atypical outfits such as a hat with an inimitable look, or oversized jeans accompanied by ‘a candy pink puffer jacket. Very daring, the woman who wears the Nina Rose perfume is timeless and trendy. She has fun with her daily life and does not care what to say!

    Nina Rose, a refreshing and light fragrance

    Nina Rose owes its existence to the perfumer Olivier Cresp, who here imagined a very invigorating and particularly luminous perfume. Nina Rose begins with a fruity and incisive flight of bergamot, lemon and pear. Then, her femininity shines through in a more floral heart. Nina Rose by Nina Ricci is designed as a huge bouquet of Mediterranean flowers, based on jasmine, orange blossom and neroli. Little by little, its recipe gains in persistence with the woody contact of the cedar. Finally, because the woman who wears this fragrance is not cold in the eyes, Nina Rose becomes more sensual by the presence of musk.

    The return of the little apple by Nina Ricci

    On the bottle side, Nina Rose comes in a small pink apple-shaped bottle. Thus, this perfume is fully in line with its predecessors. Its opaque lacquering covers the entire bottle. Only a small white border appears at the level of her collar, while subtly bearing the name of Nina. So, will you be tempted by the call of this forbidden fruit? Particularly springy and sunny, Nina Rose is just waiting to seduce you!