Nomade, the new Chloé fragrance



Nomade, the new Chloé fragrance
Nomade, the new Chloé fragrance

Nomad, a scented wind of freedom blows on Chloé

After years of absence from perfumery, the Chloé brand finally decided to come back, in 2008, to offer women a new symbol of romanticism with a delicate scent. His first eponymous perfume was a huge success. The Chloé fragrance marked a real turning point in the brand’s history. It has therefore been exactly 10 years that Chloé has been a benchmark in the world of perfumes. To celebrate this anniversary as it should, the brand has therefore decided to make a new essence: Nomad .

Nomad, the symbol of the freed Chloe woman

Chloe’s very first perfume was aimed more at a romantic and shy woman. Her rose scent was a symbol of poetry and purity. It was an airy and seductive juice, thought of the image of a fragile girl that we would simply want to protect and sublimate. Today, it seems that the Chloe woman has grown up! This juice gives us a whole new attitude. He is much more daring and adventurous. A true nomad, he has freed himself from all constraints and intends to encourage you to go beyond your own limits. What’s more, his nomadic spirit drives him to address all women in the world. Chloé’s latest perfume undoubtedly has a part of universality.

Ariane Labed as the new face of the new Chloé fragrance

If few elements have so far filtered through this new composition, we nevertheless know that Ariane Labed will be its muse. The Frenchwoman with an international career has just been chosen as the new face of the brand. She therefore joined the very closed circle of “ChloéGirls”, like Chloé Poésy, Dree Hemingway, Chloe Sevigny or even the French top Camille Rowe. If Chloe has set her sightson her, it’s simply because she sticks better than any other woman to the image of this niche fragrance. Simona Cattaneo, Marketing Director of Coty Luxury, explains: “With this fragrance, we are exploring new territory and presenting a new facet of the personality of the Chloé woman. Spontaneity, openness to the world and freedom are the values ​​that guide her and Ariane is the perfect embodiment of this new woman, Chloé. We are extremely proud that she is our new ambassador.

Nomade, a daring but poetic fragrance

Nomade is presented to us in a poetic , rounded bottle . Its lightly sandblasted glass lets us glimpse its tender rosé juice. Moreover, a fabric tie is attached at the level of its collar, reminiscent of this color. The whole is topped with a golden cap, symbol of all the refinement of Chloé. In fact, the bottle of this perfume is inspired by the brand’s Drew shoulder bag. On the scent side, Nomade is characterized by a floral and chypre breath. It begins with the fruity and syrupy scent of mirabelle plum. Her femininity then explodes into a fresher and slightly peppery freesia. Finally, Nomade ends with a woody and slightly earthy oak moss. This composition is the work of the talented perfumer Quentin Bisch.