Olympéa Intense, more conqueror than ever



Olympéa Intense, more conqueror than ever
Olympéa Intense, more conqueror than ever

Paco Rabanne, whose real name is Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo, founded his fashion house in 1966.

Little by little, Paco Rabanne is reinventing fashion with dresses made from recycled materials, such as aluminum, paper or even sponge. In the fashion world, Paco Rabanne is considered an unconventional man, an agitator of ideas. His first fragrance “Calandre pour femme” was created in 1969. In 1973, “Paco Rabanne pour homme” would become a legendary fragrance. At the end of 2016, “Olympéa Intense” was added to the “Olympéa” collection , a fragrance that was sexier and more conquering than ever.

Olympéa, the chosen one of Paco Rabanne

With Olympéa, released in 2015, Paco Rabanne writes a new olfactory chapter of femininity. With “Olympéa”, Paco Rabanne reinvents the codes of Greek mythology, like his male counterpart “Invictus”. At the time of mythology, Olympus was a mountain, the highest mountain in Greece. It is precisely there that the 12 Greek Gods gathered… With “Olympea”, the woman is the Cleopatra of modern times, a woman with an exacerbated, even impertinent sensuality. Early 2016 saw the appearance of a lighter version, “Olympéa Acqua”. Divine water, steeped in legend, “Olympéa Acqua” is even more mysterious than its elder. At the end of 2016, Paco Rabanne surprises us once again with “Olympéa Intense”, a new version of his emblematic juice. “Olympéa Intense” is a divine amber fragrance,

The salty-amber vanilla accord of Olympéa Intense

“Olympéa Intense” is defined as a sexy and carnal oriental fragrance carried by a salty-amber vanilla accord. Half-myth, half-muse, Olympéa is here a goddess at the height of her power. “Olympéa Intense” begins with luminous and powerful vibrations thanks to the presence of orange blossom. The latter will gently mix with the white pepper for more intensity. The heart is then loaded with salty vanilla, to combine with a base composed of white amber and gray amber, for a sensuality at its peak. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its predecessor. However, it is adorned with new, much warmer tones. Indeed, this precious elixir contains nuances of dark copper. The metal laurel wreath is also amber in color, and the stopper is polished in amber resin.

“Olympéa Instense” is a variation of Paco Rabanne’s star fragrance “Olympéa”. If the latter plays with the mysteries of Greek mythology, “Olympé Intense” respects these codes by reaffirming its power. The “Olympéa Intense” woman is above all a conqueror. Sexy and carnal, her power of seduction no longer has to be proven.