Saffron Tobacco

Inspired by Mancera's Red Tobacco (Retail Price: $180)
Family Woody
Subfamily Woody Spicy
Gender Unisex

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The start is clean and fresh, a double hit of tough saffron and crunchy apple, bathed in a mist of this smoky oud. But it doesn't take long before the scent loses some semblance of freshness and melts into a thick, juicy amber that smells like a river of melted honeycomb flowing around pipe tobacco, dried plums and sugar. Saffron Tobacco is so spicy with nutmeg and cinnamon that it practically sizzles. Over time, the sweet and rich pipe tobacco emerges from its bed of amber and spices to reveal itself as the real star. The dazzling sweetness of the fragrance is somewhat muted by the slightly dirty and smoky oud note and a patchouli note that smells of damp dark chocolate.

Top Notes Saffron, Cinnamon, Incense, Nutmeg, White Peach, Green Apple, Nepalese Oud.
Middle Notes Patchouli, Jasmine.
Base Notes Tobacco, Amber, Woody Notes, Vetiver, Vanilla, White Musk.

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Middle notes

Saffron Tobacco

Saffron Tobacco