Quatre en Rouge, the new Boucheron fragrance



Quatre en Rouge, the new Boucheron fragrance
Quatre en Rouge, the new Boucheron fragrance

QUATRE EN ROUGE: The scent of daring

Faithful to the spirit of the iconic QUATRE ring, Boucheron’s eponymous perfumes are constantly reinventing themselves. As if to reveal new olfactory facets of their icon, this woman with a strong character, this Parisian rooted in her time.

Bouheron imagined its first feminine fragrance Quatre in 2015, building on its success, the brand has developed the Quatre fragrance into multiple fragrances .

In 2019, the Boucheron signature ring is adorned with a captivating red ring, the time of a RED edition. A magnetic shade that the bottle borrows from it to tell a new perfume story, more daring, more passionate and even more intense.

A burning opus that reveals the flamboyant side of this inspiring woman, whom everyone would like to be like.

Quatre en Rouge perfume

Signed with four hands by Mylène Aleran and Michel Almairac of the Robertet house, this flamboyant fruity floral oriental gives pride of place to natural materials for a trail that evolves at every moment with the skin.
Echoing its apple of love bottle, the juice reveals a note of red apple that is both sweet and crunchy. Carried away by essences of luminous bergamot, euphoric tangerine and juicy pear at the top, the tempting fruit reveals mischievous accents, those of an irresistible woman-child.

The femininity is accentuated, more elegant with a racy butter iris, more passionate in volutes of absolute pink, while the blackcurrant, almost green, imprints the audacity at the heart of the score.

Boucheron Quatre in Red
Boucheron Quatre in Red

Chiseled like an exceptional piece, the base of this niche fragrance sums up the facetious woman QUATRE en ROUGE, between soft accents of marshmallow, spicy raspberry, burning patchouli and caress of musks. Who is she ? No one really knows and that’s exactly what makes her so desirable.

Four in Red: The bottle and the box

Infused with vibrant red, the heavy and opulent glass of the QUATRE case finds a new sparkle that sublimates its perfect lines and its base sculpted with Double Godrons, always so sensual in the palm of the hand.

The twist cap takes up the design of the iconic jewel and stacks the rings successively evoking Gros Grain, Godrons and infinity ring in a harmony of yellow gold which contrasts nicely with the inimitable Clou de Paris, lacquered in immaculate white.

The case, also passionate red, embossed with Clou de Paris paving, reveals in gold letters the four codes that sign the inimitable aura of QUATRE.

As always at Boucheron, the free spirit guides creation.

Quatre en Rouge, Boucheron’s famous ring turns into a delicacy

The Quatre ring by Boucheron is a real star in its field. Recently, it has reinvented itself again, to become the Quatre Red Edition ring, introducing for the time being red ceramic between golds and diamonds entering into its traditional composition. Following this same path, the Quatre perfume from the same brand has also undergone a transformation to become Quatre en Rouge, a new juice launched in 2019.

Quatre en Rouge takes on the scent of a candy apple

Quatre en Rouge by Boucheron has been reinterpreted by two world famous perfumers, namely Mylène Aleran and Michel Almairac. Even more delicious than before, it gives pride of place to exceptional raw materials, while daring a seat sweeter than ever. His ambition? Reveal the appetizing scent of a candy apple, red, smooth and crunchy. This luminous essence soars on the freshness of bergamot and mandarin. The pear, meanwhile, emphasizes the fruity and juicy aspect of the whole. For more elegance, Quatre en Rouge then evolves into one of the noblest ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette: iris. Powdery and floral, it combines with rose absolute, while blackcurrant gives it a more tangy scent. Finally, Quatre en Rouge by Boucheron ends with a seductive base of patchouli, musk, raspberry and marshmallow.

When the Boucheron bottle sparkles like a ruby

Côté flacon, Quatre en Rouge reprend le visuel de son prédécesseur. Sa forme imposante est surmontée d’une bague dorée, évocatrice de l’univers de la bijouterie chère à Boucheron. Réelle nouveauté de ce nouveau parfum : il a désormais troqué sa transparence contre un verre rouge étincelant, infiniment glamour. Plus que jamais, Quatre en Rouge s’adresse à toutes les femmes qui n’ont pas froid aux yeux, sans pour autant jamais manquer de classe.