Rose Gold, the new Flowerbomb perfume bottle



Rose Gold, the new Flowerbomb perfume bottle
Rose Gold, the new Flowerbomb perfume bottle

Viktor & Rolf’s iconic Flowerbomb returns in a Rose Gold version

Since 2005, when it was released, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance has never ceased to be talked about. This floral pomegranate, both generous and surprising, is the olfactory bestseller of the brand. Thus, year after year, Viktor & Rolf never tire of reinventing it and creating its derivatives. This time, 2019 is marked by two complementary creations named Rose Gold and Pink Chrome . So what about these niche fragrances? Let’s start by learning more about the Rose Gold version, an oriental and floral juice, decorated with a sparkling bottle.

The seductive recipe of Flowerbomb Rose Gold

Flowerbomb Rose Gold owes its existence to four renowned perfumers , some of the most famous on the planet. It was created by Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Domitille Bertier. Flowerbomb Rose Gold is a seductive and oriental juice. It first takes off on fresh and solar top notes of bergamot, tea and osmanthus. This plant gives this start a slightly apricot scent. Then, it is a real cocktail of flowers that seizes his heart. More than ever, femininity is at the rendezvous! Rose Gold combines sambac jasmine, orange blossom, rose, freesia and orchid. The sensuality of Flowerbomb Rose Gold is indisputable. It is finally enriched with a musky seduction still wrapped in patchouli.

When the Flowerbomb bottle is adorned with a new sparkling mesh

On the bottle side, Flowerbomb Rose Gold takes the silhouette of its elder Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum . It comes to curl up in a pomegranate-shaped bottle. Thus, Flowerbomb Rose Gold invites you to unpin it to get drunk with all its scent. This flower bomb is both faceted like a diamond, the hardest and most indestructible stone there is, while exchanging its transparency from the past for a golden lacquer. To echo its name, Flowerbomb Rose Gold is wrapped in rose gold. Its name is inscribed on a silver plate located in its center. Flowerbomb Rose Gold is topped with a silver spray cap, itself attached to a wax seal bearing the initials of the sign.

Flowerbomb Rose Gold, a new flower bomb

Flowerbomb Rose Gold is far from the very first reinterpretation of this cult fragrance from Viktor & Rolf. In fact, two new versions are published almost every year, something to delight the hearts of collectors. The previous version of 2018 was called Flowerbomb Nectar, offering an unexpected intensity, at the same time floral, solar, syrupy and honeyed. Once again, Flowerbomb Rose Gold recounts the desire to amaze the brand’s creators, asserting itself as “a bouquet designed to defy the dangers of time, like a flower bomb that would transform the negative into the positive”.