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    Russkaya Kozha, all of Imperial Russia in a perfume bottle



    Russkaya Kozha, all of Imperial Russia in one bottle
    Russkaya Kozha, all of Imperial Russia in one bottle

    It was in 1902 that the history of Maison Berdoues began, a family story. Guillaume Berdoues, its founder, then proposed an amber cologne for men, which would be a great success. It was in 1960 that Pierre Berdoues took over the management of the family business. Then, it will be Sophie Berdoues, the great-granddaughter of the founder, who will take over the orders in 1990. Berdoues fragrances are inspired by nature, and the ancestral know-how of the brand. With the “Grand Crus” Collection, the Berdoues house pays tribute to many countries. In 2016, Berdoues put Russia in the spotlight with “Russkaya Kozha” .

    Russkaya Kozha, between tsars and oversized balls

    The brand is based on 5 essential values, namely creativity, authenticity, quality, ambition and responsiveness. Each fragrance in the “Grands Crus” collection highlights a specific geographic area. “Russkaya Kozha” brings together all the values ​​of the Berdou house, while highlighting Russia. Here, it is the absolute character of the Eastern countries that fits in a bottle. Through a racy and deep blend, the brand depicts the features of Imperial Russia. At that time, Russia displayed unbridled freedom. Between tsars and oversized balls, Russia then offered the population the image of a great and strong people. A tribute to a grandiose Russia, “Russkaya Kozha” was made using the finest materials. Between leather and amber, between masculine and feminine,

    Russkaya Kozha, between leather and amber

    It is the nose-perfumer Flavien Laurandeau who is at the origin of this extraordinary composition. “Russkaya Kozha” is a little nod from the Berdoues brand to the “Cuir de Russie” fragrance produced in 1925, by the house Farina Gegenüber. “Russkaya Kozha” opens with notes of cardamom from Guatemala. Also called “Seed of Paradise”, cardamom offers a camphoric, zesty, resinous and slightly aromatic scent. The heart perfectly combines Cade wood from Spain with benzoin Siam from Malaysia, giving the whole composition a warm and vanilla scent. The “Russkaya Kozha” bottle is the emblematic bottle of all the fragrances that include the “Grands Crus” collection. Rectangular and transparent, the bottle is decorated with red and orange arabesques,

    “Russkaya Kozha” is part of the “Grands Crus” collection of the Berdoues house, the primary purpose of which is to highlight a geographical place steeped in history. Here, we find Imperial Russia. Strong, free and powerful, it is the Russia of the tsars which is represented here olfactoryly by “Russkaya Kozha”. Like this Russia, the composition is both racy and very elegant .