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    Star Wars – Empire fragrance



    Star Wars - Empire fragrance
    Star Wars – Empire fragrance

    George Lucas is an American director, screenwriter and producer from California.

    Having studied cinema at the University of Los Angeles, he is today considered to be one of the most famous geniuses of the seventh art on the planet. If he created films such as Indiana Jones, Labyrinth or Willow, he is above all known for the legendary Star Wars saga. Beyond being a simple film, Star Wars arouses the admiration of thousands of fans all over the planet. Thus, many derivative objects are declined from the main characters of this series. As such, an assortment of fragrances paying tribute to this saga will soon see the light of day. So how about taking a closer look at the niche fragrance for men called Empire? Two other perfumes are therefore emerging in addition to this one. So women will be able to use force with the Amidala perfume.. And the men think they are a real Jedi .

    A name reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back from Star Wars

    The name of the Empire perfume clearly refers to Star Wars Episode V called “The Empire Strikes Back”. This American science fiction film is the second installment in the Star Wars saga due to its release date. On the other hand, it is the fifth according to the chronological order of the unfolding of the story. Empire thus pays homage to this moment when the war rages between the magnificent Galactic Empire and its antagonist Alliance Rebel. The writing of the script for this episode began in 1977. The filming, meanwhile, took place from March to September 1979, mainly in English studios or in Norway. The film then came out in theaters in 1980 and on VHS in October 1984. Of course, it generated, like the other episodes, the creation of many derivative products, at the same time bringing the trifle of 20 billion dollars to George Lucas! If it is precisely this episode that was chosen to become a perfume, it is because it received many very favorable reviews at the time of its release. Much more than just a commercial success, The Empire Strikes Back won numerous awards such as two Oscars.

    Empire’s woody masculinity

    Through this perfume, it was a question of evoking the virility and the courage of the heroes ready to give their lives to save their people, like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. This results in a woody and very assertive scent. Empire is a fragrance that does not lack vitality and that displays its dynamism of its top notes with the dazzling presence of lemon. The green apple, for its part, brings a more fruity aspect to the whole. Then, it does not take long to intensify. Patchouli brings more depth to this fragrance. However, it ends with a more amber wake in which the tonka bean comes to deposit its creamy smoothness. Finally, on the design side, Empire is contained in a very futuristic bottle with a cylindrical shape. This one is designed in a matt and opaque black color.the word Star Wars . Likewise, the packaging is designed in the same theme. Everything is very inspired by the film and thus seems to come from a distant galaxy.