Terracotta Skin, Guerlain’s iconic foundation



Terracotta Skin;  Guerlain's iconic powder
Terracotta Skin; Guerlain‘s iconic powder

Terracotta Skin, the return of the iconic Guerlain powder in the form of a foundation

Guerlain’s Terracotta powder is considered an absolute benchmark in bronzing powder. It was the very first product of this type to make its appearance on the beauty market, thus creating a small revolution. Today, it is one of the best-selling makeup cosmetics in the world. Inspired directly by the land of the desert, it seduces with its pretty ocher color, and manages to give good looks in a simple swipe. Well aware of the notoriety of this product, the Guerlain house has today decided to reinterpret it in the form of a foundation. Want to sublimate your skin with a pretty golden tan? The Background Complexion Terracotta Skin Guerlain is for you!

Terracotta Skin Foundation, guaranteed healthy glow!

As the name of this product suggests, the Terracotta Skin Foundation is inspired by the legendary Guerlain powder. So, just like her, her ambition is to give a good look in a simple passage. This product is a kind of hybrid between fluid foundation and powder. It is both velvety while retaining a certain transparency. The result is an extremely light foundation. Guerlain Terracotta Skin unifies the skin in a simple swipe. Its prodigious finesse gives the sensation of perfect skin while giving it an instant tan. To get as close as possible to your skin tone, know that the Terracotta Skin Foundation is available in two colors. The lightest is intended for blondes and the other is more for brunettes.

The Guerlain fragrance in addition

In addition to its golden color, the Terracotta Skin Foundation will also seduce you with its intoxicating scent. It benefits from all of Guerlain’s expertise in perfumery. The Terracotta Skin Foundation sets off on a fresh and sparkling accord of bergamot and mandarin. Its heart, meanwhile, brings together feminine and solar notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The honeysuckle reinforces the lightness of the whole. Finally, its base rests on a base of vanilla with light woody accents.

Applying Terracotta Skin Foundation

Applying the Terracotta Skin Foundation is absolutely nothing complicated. Its extremely creamy texture melts on the skin and glides under the fingers. So, in a simple swipe, the Terracotta Skin Foundation turns into a film of incredible finesse. If it slightly corrects the imperfections of the skin, it retains a certain transparency, and avoids obtaining unsightly demarcations. The Terracotta Skin Foundation spreads out from the center of the village to the outside. It guarantees you a natural result, without any risk of missteps.