Terres Aromatic by Lalique, the story of a meeting



Terres Aromatic by Lalique, the story of a meeting
Terres Aromatic by Lalique, the story of a meeting

In 2014, the famous Parisian house Lalique decided to launch a range of perfumes retracing its history. Indeed, this collection consists of six fragrances that you can now get cheaper. Noir Premier brings together bottles on which is affixed an emblematic date in the history of Lalique. With Terres Aromatique, we are talking about the year 1905. We are at the dawn of the brand‘s history but also at the dawn of an unprecedented upheaval in the history of perfumery. So, back to a striking meeting: that of René Lalique and François Coty.

When the Parisian soul meets the Aromatic Lands

Here we are, plunged into the heart of Paris at the very beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, it was in 1905 that René Lalique met another of his visionary comrades. In this case, it is François Coty. This meeting will then cause a real tidal wave in the field of perfumery and it will be the beginnings of the operation as we know it today. Because before that date, the bottles were made in limited editions and the perfume was transferred from a bottle to a single bottle used by the whole family. Also, François Cory’s ambition is to have less expensive bottles manufactured in larger quantities so that perfumery is no longer a luxury reserved for the elite. To carry out a project, this creator will then join forces with René Lalique. With the fragrance Terres Aromatique, it is a question of paying homage to this association of brilliant ideas. Also, as if to wink at François Coty, originally from Corsica, Terres Aromatique contains in this case sun-drenched notes. This perfume smells of Garigue and therefore becomes, at the same time, a tribute to Marie-Claude Lalique, René Lalique’s granddaughter, who loved lunch above all else.

Lalique offers us a very Mediterranean composition

Terres Aromatique delivers the scent of a plant that could not be more emblematic of the South: thyme. This perfume created by Julie Massé, like Fleur Universelle, is then enhanced by the essence of lavandin. Like women with a Mediterranean temperament, Terres Aromatique has plenty of character. It contains cardamom enhanced with all the impertinence of pineapple. The sweet side rubs against very citrus notes like lemon. However, the whole remains full of sunshine and Terres Aromatique contains both fruit and orange blossom. It is one of those perfumes that instantly brighten up everyday life and also affirms its content in its woody and amber background. While the freesia softens the whole, the power of the tonka bean comes into play. The hay, almonds and tobacco are also part of the game, and they finish off the scent of this emotional scent. Terres Aromatique manages to give balm to the heart. It is less expensive and is as warm as the atmosphere of the south of France … Delivering almost as many emotions as a nice meeting.