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    The BOYs in the spotlight with CHANEL



    The BOYs in the spotlight with CHANEL
    The BOYs in the spotlight with CHANEL

    Of all the houses of c reation in terms of perfume , Chanel is really a key player and pioneer. Indeed, it is one of the oldest Parisian houses and also one of the most prestigious. All his creations are immediately transformed into a success story and the longevity of his perfumes is exemplary. However, the house constantly strives to renew itself and each year brings its share of surprises to its unconditional fans. Moreover, even if Chanel was once a brand intended only for women, men are not left out and the Chanel Boy range of essences has had a number of successes.

    Perfumery, a long-standing history for the house of Chanel

    The history of Chanel began in 1909, when Coco Chanel set up her first milliner workshop in a bachelor apartment on Boulevard Malesherbes. A victim of its own success, it moved a year later to much larger premises at 21 rue Cambon, in the 1st arrondissement. Her couture creations quickly made a name for herself and a wealthy clientele quickly appeared. Also, Coco Chanel does not hesitate to diversify and will launch in perfumery in 1921. This year marks a real turning point in the history of perfumery since it will see the appearance of the famous Chanel N ° 5. Since that day, successes have continued to follow one another. Indeed, Chanel is one of the most popular brands in the world, both in terms of perfumery and fashion. Among the great successes of the house, there is undoubtedly theperfume Allure Homme Sport or Bleu de Chanel. These are part of the Chanel Boy collection and are essential and timeless. Within the house of Chanel, whether you are a sportsman or a fan of social events, you will inevitably find what you need. The house competes with creative ideas and each of its releases is particularly eagerly awaited. Also, we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.

    What is Chanel Boy really hiding?

    Also, we can no longer count the number of best-sellers belonging to the house of Chanel, and more particularly of its Chanel Boy range.. For the anecdote, know that this name of “Chanel Boy” owes its existence to Karl Lagarfeld. Indeed, this genius designer has succeeded in reinventing Gabrielle Chanel’s fashion for many years. To do this, he dives regularly into the archives of the house. This is how he had this idea: the name Chanel Boy actually refers to the love of Coco Chanel. To be more precise, it was Boy Capel, a polo player. He lived with Gabrielle Chanel for nine years and greatly influenced his collections. Also, what could be more beautiful than to group together all the magnificent masculine essences of Chanel under the name of Chanel Boy, making for the occasion a nod to the one she considered to be the love of her life? The idea is brilliant and we already hope that it will have many surprises in store for us,