The brand new Aura Mugler Body Cream



The brand new Aura Mugler Body Cream
The brand new Aura Mugler Body Cream

Mugler offers a wide range with its Aura Mugler fragrances

Thierry Mugler launched into perfumery in 1992, thanks to Angel, the first gourmet fragrance in the history of perfumery. Angel has truly revolutionized the world of perfumery while paving the way for other gourmet fragrances. In 1996, Thierry Mugler then launched the male counterpart of Alien with A * Men, a most sulphurous fragrance. Intuitive and free, Thierry Mugler likes to deliver original perfumes. After Alien and Muse, the Mugler brand unveils Aura, a mysterious and bewitching feminine fragrance. Thanks to its success many products are offered, as here with Aura Mugler Body Cream. This new cream follows the launch of the Eau de Toilette Aura Mugler version .

Mugler Aura Mugler Body Cream, all of Mugler’s aura in one body cream

Aura Mugler is a fragrance that invites you to reconnect with your deep nature as well as your different senses. Aura Mugler symbolizes the instinct of the woman while revealing her energy. Aura Mugler is like the association of two overdoses, one vegetal with intense and vibrant freshness, then the other, more animal with feline sensuality. The two overdoses are mixed around a new ingredient, which is more, never used in perfumery, the tawny liana. “So that at the center, a single heart beats in a single emotion, intense and vital”, Thierry Mugler imagined Aura .

Here, Mugler presents a creamy body milk with a generous capacity to prolong the carnal sensuality of the fragrance. The combination of raw materials of plant origin such as shea butter and coconut oil gives your body a feeling of well-being, all day long. Like perfume, Aura Mugler body cream sounds like an invitation to reconnect with its inner nature and free itself from its constraints. Perfectly hydrated, your body is soft and silky. Application after application, it will thus regain all its flexibility.

Some tips for using Aura Mugler Body Cream

Aura Body Cream can be used morning and evening on your entire body. The Aura Cream Jar has a capacity of 200 ml and it takes on the bright and green signs of the Aura Mugler perfume. Multifaceted, the glass then returns a particular aura, the whole being topped with a gray cap for maximum elegance.

The Aura Mugler Body Cream is of course a product derived from the Aura fragrance by Thierry Mugler. Ultra feminine and mysterious, Aura invites us to recharge our batteries in the heart of nature. It is in this spirit that the house of Mugler imagined the Body Cream. Creamy and deliciously fragrant, the latter will leave a trail as delicate as it is passionate on your body.