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    The composition of the perfume Mon Paris



    The composition of the perfume Mon Paris
    The composition of the perfume Mon Paris

    My Paris, the pleasant olfactory surprise of Yves Saint Laurent

    The art of perfumery dates back to ancient times. Indeed, the Egyptians very quickly understood that woods and resins gave off subtle scents when heated, but it was not until several centuries before we succeeded in transforming flowers, fruits and plants into essences. Today, the various perfumery techniques used make it possible to obtain particularly refined and harmonious juices. My Paris by Yves Saint-Laurent is the perfect example of constant innovation in this artistic sector. Indeed, this fragrance displays an unusual structure and promises to delight your sense of smell.

    Yves Saint Laurent is where we least expect it …

    My Paris is presented as a perfume belonging to the chypre family. For the record, know that this name comes from the perfume that Coty had thus named in 1917, and which, thanks to its success, has created a family in its own right. This is based on a very precise olfactory scheme, evolving from the freshness of bergamot in the top notes to a deeper oak moss in the background, passing through a more floral heart. Today, this category of essences is particularly present on the feminine perfume market. However, Yves Saint-Laurent manages to create a surprise. Indeed, the chypre is here worked differently. Moreover, the perfumers in charge of developing Mon Paris, Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Frémont, could not be clearer: “We wanted to reinvent chypre”, they say. The idea was to surprise the publicto make Mon Paris one of the star fragrances of the Yves Saint Laurent catalog. Indeed, as explained by Stephan Bezy, International Managing Director of Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté, the brand is today particularly recognized for its Black Opium essence, a juice aimed more at 20-25 year olds. My Paris is therefore intended to complete this bestseller, but this time targeting a slightly older audience, between 25 and 30 years old.

    The highly sought-after scent of Mon Paris

    My Paris is interpreted in a dizzying way and in such a way as to portray us the image of a subversive love. In order to reclaim the smell of chypre, Yves Saint-Laurent used two varieties of patchouli. One is from Guatemala and releases a woody and camphoric scent. The other comes to us from Indonesia and accompanies its counterpart with more spicy facets. Likewise, three qualities of white musks as well as ambroxan have been added to its base in order to give it a limpid whiteness. The whole is particularly modern and daring. What’s more, its very floral heart also contains an unexpected ingredient. The datura flower, known as much for its toxicity as for its captivating scent revealing itself after dark, is the major element of the center of Mon Paris. This enchanting plant releases a carnal sensation here. It is also accompanied by the lightness of the peony, richness of sambac jasmine absolute from India and an infusion of Yunnan jasmine. The whole is nevertheless refreshed by the presence of Calabrian bergamot associated with the fruity and juicy facet of strawberry, raspberry and pear.