The different Clinique Pencils and Liners



Clinique began with a collaboration between Dr. Norman Orentriech, renowned dermatologist, Carol Philips, director of Vogue US magazine and Estée Lauder. Quickly, the brand made a name for itself in the world of cosmetics, with its simple ambitions and its quick beauty ritual accessible to all. Then, little by little, Clinique developed a range of make-up, while respecting its initial ambitions of proximity to customers, accessibility, efficiency and respect for the skin. This is how Clinique pencils and liners were born.

The Quickliner for Eyes

The Quickliner for Eyes
The Quickliner for Eyes

The modular feature of the Quickliner for Eyes

Clinique’s Quickliner for Eyes is a kind of eye pencil that has two different tips. Thus, it modulates according to your desires. On the one hand, its classic pencil allows you to draw a precise line. On the other side of this applicator, on the other hand, is a small foam tip that blurs its formula.

The rich and tenacious colors of Quickliner for Eyes

The Quickliner for Eyes has a creamy and smooth formula, guaranteed without transfer. In other words, once your path is made, it stays in place throughout the day. Your gaze immediately becomes more intense. The rich colors of the Quickliner for Eyes are loaded with pure pigments that give your eyes a deep, glamorous color paired with optimal hold.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner

Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner
Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner

The Pretty Easy, a liquid eyeliner

The Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner appears to be a great beauty classic. This is a liquid eyeliner that draws a regular and precise line on your eyes. Its tip allows you to modulate your makeup, drawing a thin or thicker line as you wish. To do this, you just need to press your mine with more or less intensity.

Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner, a powerful color that respects the skin

The Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner surprises with its intensity. Its powerful black color gives an infinitely hypnotic look. Its brush pen ensures perfect precision. Finally, the Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner has been subjected to a large battery of allergy tests. Formulated without any fragrance, it is suitable for all women with sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers.

Like all Clinique products, the pencils and liners offered by the brand are all developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Therefore, they are respectful of the epidermis and the most sensitive eyes. They do not just make up the eyes . They make it stronger and brighter day by day. Clinique is the essential ally for all those looking for healthy products and makeup that respects nature and your skin.