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    The galvanizing breath of Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel



    The galvanizing breath of Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel
    The galvanizing breath of Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel

    Chance Eau Fraiche is a variation of the famous Chance perfume by Chanel.

    However, its wake is more marked and more sparkling. It blows in some fresh air and would almost become more euphoric. Her tones are vibrant and bright and her essence is as unexpected as the pretty green color that has suddenly taken hold of her juice. What’s more, its flowery and woody aspect portrays a woman as we like them: both feminine, while having character.

    At Chanel, everything is just an eternal restart

    Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanelis reminiscent of the fragrance of the same name which precedes it. Indeed, it is none other than a more citrus and energizing version of Chance, published four years earlier, in 2003. Also, this is explained by the fact that luck is an element intimately linked to the history of the house of Chanel. Indeed, Gabrielle Chanel has always been very lucky and loved to brag about it. She also said: “Luck is my soul”. What’s more, she always had a multitude of lucky charms of all kinds. In addition, she was a dynamic woman with all the keys in hand to provoke destiny and open her voice to success. Luck is therefore a story that endures within the brand and Chanel likes to provoke it again and again. In addition, since we do not change a winning team, it is again Jean-Paul Goude who signs the advertisement for it. Between the luxury house and the director, it’s a beautiful story that has lasted since 1990 with the realization of the Egoïste perfume campaign. This time, he set his sights on Charlotte di Calypso as a muse. This choice is most brilliant since her exuberant adolescence fits perfectly with the image of this spontaneous and generous perfume, embodying an exquisite joie de vivre.

    Chance Eau Fraiche and its citrus notes

    To create this Eau Fraiche, Chanel imagined a flowery and sparkling fragrance. Also, just like his elder, he brings a touch of the unexpected in everyday life and even accentuates this aspect. It is an essence full of freshness and fantasy. At home, the zest of citron dominates. It is enlivened by a note of water hyacinth as well as an airy touch of jasmine absolute of incredible grace. Its background is more woody. It’s packed with amber patchouli and Haitian vetiver. It then transmits unparalleled vitality and energy to the wearer while Teak wood also asserts its vibrant presence. The structure of white flowers on a background of patchouli and amber-vanilla notes accentuates its flight. Chance Eau Fraiche is a fragrance that is easy to wear and understand. It is just as sophisticated as it is casual. In short, it lends itself to all occasions.