The new B. Balenciaga is more intense than ever!



The new B. Balenciaga is more intense than ever!
The new B. Balenciaga is more intense than ever!

Balenciaga is a great fashion brand which has managed to rise to the highest peak of notoriety thanks to the talented Nicolas Ghesquière at its head from 1997 to 2012. Today, he has been replaced by Alexander Wang, a new very charismatic character. and creative already having all the recognition of his peers and whose work is generally followed by much praise. After having worked on the new breath to bring to the brand’s couture style, it was not long before he declined his knowledge in terms of perfumery. This is how the B. Balenciaga collection appeared in 2014. Also, it is a new variation of this scented assortment that the Balenciaga brand is presenting to us this year. In addition, the new B. Balenciaga Intense will be released by autumn 2016.

The unique smell of B. Balenciaga

The B. Balenciaga perfumed collection made its appearancewith a fragrance of multiple contrasts. This turned out to be lively, green, aromatic, both floral and woody. In addition, it was developed by perfumer Domitille Bertier in partnership with Coty Prestige and revealed accents of green soya beans, lily of the valley, violet leaves, iris, ambrette and cedar. Faced with its success, it was then reinterpreted in a softer and smoother version, in 2015. It was then about B. Balenciaga Peau. Also, a thousand miles from this first variation, B. Balenciaga Intense turns out to be a perfume with a much more pronounced character. It is a woody and intense juice, playing on contrasts. This highlights vibrant tones while pairing them with more refreshing fruity accents. It all begins with a blend of green tea and blueberry before evolving into a captivating flower: the Queen of the Night. As its name suggests, it is a flower that is revealed only after dark. This delivers a scent close to that of jasmine but even more opulent. It is then relayed by a more woody base, still very elegant but particularly vibrant. In this case, the latter is clearly dominated by the presence of cedar.

B. Balenciaga Intense sculpture bottle

If B. Balenciaga Intense delivers a particularly captivating scent, it must be recognized that this is beautifully interpreted through its bottle. In addition, its case takes the design of its predecessors without lacking in mystery. Today it has a gradient evolving from transparency to purple. Particularly contemporary, it nevertheless manages to keep the heritage of the Balenciaga fashion house. Its shape is very architectural and has six sides. Its cabochon has an interior arch paying tribute to the characteristic shape of Balenciaga couture collections and accessories. The whole is decorated with a plaque on the left side of this bottle. Thought in an opaque black, the latter reveals the name of this new juice in a white and refined writing.