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    The new J’adore Eau de Toilette by Dior



    The new J'adore Eau de Toilette by Dior
    The new J’adore Eau de Toilette by Dior

    I love Eau Lumière, the new tenderness of Dior

    If, for a time, the noses were not really at the heart of the concerns, the trend today is quite different. Indeed, the perfumers are particularly recognized and the houses of creation are snapping up the productions of the most famous of them. Also, among our contemporaries, François Demachy is a master in the field. This perfumer worked very early on in the Grasse region and worked to develop real olfactory masterpieces. It is therefore logical that Dior decided to call on his services in order to develop its brand new perfume. J’adore Eau Lumière made its appearance during the month of March 2016 and already promises to satisfy many women.

    The J’adore Eau Lumière fragrance

    Also, as its name suggests, this new perfume is an olfactory variation of the famous J’adore by Dior. It is simply intended to accentuate the bright and fresh side of its predecessor. As François Demachy himself says: “J’adore Eau Lumière has an extraordinary personality. There is something attractive and bubbly about it. It is an immediate explosion, a direct route to pleasure. “. It is an essence taking off on a dazzling scent of blood orange and lemon. Then, J’adore Eau Lumière turns to a more floral heart based on magnolia, Damascus rose and neroli. The rendering becomes particularly rich and very romantic. Then, J’adore Eau Lumière ends with a more woody scent of sandalwood. Vanilla, for its part, ties it all together with a touch of exoticism. Of course, J’adore Eau Lumière is contained in a bottle known to all. This retains the shape of the mythical J’adore. We find in particular its long neck adorned with multiple golden rings in the style of a Maasai necklace. Only its juice is different. This one adopts a very feminine pink hue this time.

    Dior values

    Also, although it is a unique essence, J’adore Eau Lumière remains faithful to the values ​​of the Dior brand. Indeed, Christian Dior has dedicated his entire life to women. He made his career a way to put them in the spotlight and make them happier. J’adore Eau Lumière is therefore a fragrance dedicated to women. It invites, for a moment, to surrender and to live with emotion. The woman is seen in her different facets. She is both spontaneous and unpredictable, carnal and desirable, unreasonable and passionate. Also, it is the very beautiful actress Charlize Theron who will lend her image to J’adore Eau Lumière. This is not a surprise given that the actress has worked for 11 years with Dior. It must be said that her hypnotic figure hides a woman of heart. The latter is particularly involved in the fight against AIDS in South Africa and has even been appointed messenger of peace at the UN. She is absolutely everything Dior expects from a woman, both beautiful and radiant, cultured and dedicated. Also, this is precisely what it is about in the new J’adore Eau Lumière.