The Prada Woman – The Composition



The Prada Woman - The Composition
The Prada Woman – The Composition

The floral seduction of the new Prada La Femme fragrance

Perfume is a product that has been associated with feminine beauty since the dawn of time. Indeed, we find traces of the latter from Antiquity with Queen Cleopatra. She loved to immerse herself in scent baths and contributed greatly to making perfume a key ingredient in women’s bathrooms. Also, it is all the sensuality of the latter that we find in the new perfume of Prada. Prada La Femme is an ode to feminine sensibility and elegance, and this goes, of course, above all through its smell.

Prada joins forces with Daniela Andrier

In order to achieve this essence, the Prada house called on the most elegant of perfumers, namely Daniela Andrier. Very sophisticated and refined, the latter displays a taste just as pronounced for her outfits and her jewelry as for her perfume creations. This extraordinary designer admits to being passionate about smells since her earliest childhood. Moreover, she confides that she still remembers the smells of her youth today, from her baby cream to her grandmother’s perfume, including the emblematic Chanel No. 19 worn by her aunt. However, Daniela Andrier did not come from a family of perfumers. It was Chanel’s emblematic nose, Jacques Polge, that enabled her to do an internship at the Robertet perfume factory. Since that day,

The many facets of the femininity of Prada La Femme

Prada La Femme then appears to be a complex and perfectly structured perfume. It displays many facets and begins with an impertinent tenderness. This is revealed through the smoothness of beeswax combined with spices. Then, the feminine sensuality of this juice is further accentuated in her heart. Prada La Femme then juxtaposes frangipani flower, tuberose, iris and ylang ylang. The whole then ends with a deeper and smoother base of vanilla and vetiver. Finally, for lovers of the Prada house, know that this sublime scent is also available in a masculine version, very soberly called Prada L’Homme … To the good heart!