The shelf life of perfumes and beauty products



The shelf life of perfumes and beauty products
The shelf life of perfumes and beauty products

What is the expiration date of beauty products?

Just like food products, beauty products have an expiration date. In other words, they can no longer be consumed after a certain period of time, at the risk of causing harmful effects on your body. Generally, a beauty product can be stored as long as it is not opened. Rather than talking about an expiration date, we are therefore talking more about an expiration date after opening, or PAO. Likewise, this date is indicative for products stored in good storage condition, that is to say dry, protected from light and at moderate temperature.

Does the perfume have an expiration date?

Like other cosmetic products, perfume can expire. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to give it an expiration date. To keep longer, it should not be in contact with air, heat and light. In other words, the ideal is to keep it in the fridge, in its original box. Likewise, an unopened perfume keeps much longer than an essence present in a half-empty bottle, and therefore in contact with air and oxidation. Also note that light and volatile fragrances tend to expire faster than rich and opulent fragrances. Generally speaking, a perfume is said to keep for about three years . However, under the right conditions, it can go much further.

What is the shelf life of unopened makeup

Expired makeup products can pose a real threat to our health. They provide favorable conditions for the proliferation of bacteria and can create all types of reactions, whether on the skin or in more fragile areas, such as the gaze for example. It is therefore essential not to keep your makeup for too long. However, be aware that if it is not open, its lifespan is longer. Generally, it is recommended that you store an unopened beauty product for about two to three years after the date of manufacture.

How long is a foundation used for?

The foundation is made of water. In addition, it is often stored in a humid place, namely the bathroom. What’s more, it is also a well-heated place so that you don’t get cold when you get out of the shower. In other words, all the conditions are right for bacteria to proliferate. Therefore, it is essential not to keep a foundation for too long. Generally, this product should be used within six months of opening.

What is the shelf life of a lipstick?

If foundation is the makeup product most prone to bacteria growth, be aware that other makeup items are also sensitive and shouldn’t be kept too long either. So, don’t wait for your lipstick to get mushy and runny to get rid of it. Usually, it is recommended not to keep a lipstick for more than 12 months after opening. In contact with your mouth, bacteria settle there and proliferate in its small tube. It would be a shame to give birth to herpes or unsightly pimples on your most beautiful asset of seduction!

How long to keep an eye shadow?

Finally, because the eyes are a particularly sensitive area, also take care to renew your eyeshadows regularly. When these exceed a certain shelf life, they can cause serious eye problems. Note that, for hygiene reasons, it is recommended not to keep an eye shadow for more than nine months.