The solar and feminine bottle of Izia de Sisley



The solar and feminine bottle of Izia de Sisley
The solar and feminine bottle of Izia de Sisley

In this year 2017, the house of Sisley has decided to delight its female fans and offer them a brand niche fragrance. This one is called Izia and is described as “a unique bouquet with a strong and sensual character. A modern and feminine composition with a unique and solar floral heart ”. It had been a long time since the sign had deigned to give us such a surprise.

Also, if it is not commonplace within the brand to carry out a colossal marketing campaign, the designs of its bottles are always very elaborate. So let’s take a closer look at the Izia container.

Sisley opts for a very revealing bottle

Perfumery is a very enigmatic and poetic sector. Also, the bottles are fully anchored in this context and often display a shape in line with the fragrance they contain. This is why Izia is materialized by an absolutely solar color . Indeed, this perfume contains a summer fragrance and it is therefore logical that it is revealed in warm tones.

Its transparent glass gives us a glimpse of a juice with yellow, orange, pink and coral nuances. Its name is also inscribed with lightness on its front face. This one is engraved in a golden color as if illuminated by the rays of the sun. It also seems to be handwritten and thus gives the whole a very spontaneous air. The clarity of this juice, for its part, shows through the enormous transparent drop acting as a cabochon.

The whole is then thought out with roundness, as if the curves of this bottle echoed the generosity of women.

The importance of choosing a bottle

If Sisley is a brand renowned for its daring choices of bottles, it is above all because this is decisive in the sale of a future product. Indeed, the olfactory releases are particularly numerous on the market today and it is essential to know how to stand out from the competition. However, this undoubtedly involves the choice of a pretty bottle appealing to the consumer’s hand. If the art of flaconnage is fairly recent in the history of perfumery, it is nevertheless recognized today all over the planet.

As Serge Mansau, a very prolific designer of our time and having worked for the biggest brands, explains, perfumery is comparable to the theatrical world: “The text is similar to the fragrance of a perfume, the decor to its case and the star actor at the bottle. In other words, the bottle is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is for this reason that Sisley has this time chosen to offer its consumers a sort of work of art that is at the same time simple and refined, avant-garde and optimistic.