The sporting spirit of the new Luna Rossa Eau Sport



The sporting spirit of the new Luna Rossa Eau Sport
The sporting spirit of the new Luna Rossa Eau Sport

In less than thirty years, Prada has become a size in the world of fashion. In addition, its notoriety was further accentuated at the beginning of the 70s. Also, with a constant concern for growth, Prada decided to diversify from the beginning of the 2000s. The group built imposing architectural monuments and even became a partner sporting events such as the America’s Cup. Also, it is from this sporting event that Prada’s latest perfume , Luna Rossa Eau Sport, was born. More than a simple essence, it is loaded with emotions and conveys strong values ​​dear to the brand.

The masculinity of Luna Rossa Eau Sport

If Luna Rossa Eau Sport is described as a very fresh scent, it is nonetheless particularly masculine. This fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier. It starts with dazzling scents of citron, a citrus fruit with a zesty scent is very balanced. Indeed, this fruit is slightly acidic and sweet but without overdoing it. It is then paired with bergamot, a fruit from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Both form a start as fresh and energizing as a sea wind. They release tangy and sparkling tones, immediately evocative of freedom and joie de vivre. Then, the ginger brings its spicy, peppery and rosy scent. Luna Rossa Eau Sport then evolves towards more masculinity by focusing its scent on woody tones. In addition, juniper berries release fairly dry, camphoric and turpentine aromas. Lavender, on the other hand, brings its typically masculine scent. Finally, Luna Rossa Eau Sport ends with more resinous and muted tones of cedar. The whole is further enhanced by an amber accord matched with slightly balsamic notes. Luna Rossa Eau Sport is a very contrasting fragrance that brilliantly combines very fresh tones with a warmer trail.

Prada’s sporting spirit

Also, it is not without reason that Luna Rossa Eau Sport is immediately evocative of sea spray. Indeed, Luna Rossa is none other than the name of the catamaran entered for Prada in the America’s Cup, one of the most prestigious sailing races in the world. In addition, this one is particularly appreciated for its technical prowess, its grandiose boats and its values. The America’s Cup, like the Luna Rossa Eau Sport fragrance, symbolizes respect for nature, a passion for innovation, impeccable quality and an incentive to travel. If this obviously shows through the fragrance of Luna Rossa Eau Sport, this is also the case in terms of its aesthetics. The bottle of Luna Rossa Eau Sport does not hesitate to combine materials such as glass and metal as well as cold and warm colors. Its masculine frosted glass walls let us glimpse the transparency of its juice while the whole is split with a bright red band. This one is similar to a finish line and enhances the innovative spirit of this bottle. Undeniably, Luna Rossa Sport isa perfume marvelously combining beauty, subtlety and sporting feat .